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Amanda Donnelly

The archetypal energies of tarot can be seen in so many places. Thank you for pointing these ones out!

Craig Conley

Thanks, Amanda! Yes -- the tarot archetypes are invariably at play all around us, and one merely has to set one's perspective properly. I tend to begin, whenever I'm visit a new place, by looking for the Tower. Once I spot the Tower and get a sense of its nature, the rest of the archetypes begin revealing themselves. :-)

Janet Boyer

what an utterly intriguing post, Craig! I take it you made all those illustrations? (Ah-MAZING, if so!). If I were reading those cards in a spread, especially given those quotes, it may go like this:

A yearning bordering on envy for the connected, committed state of The Lovers, perhaps because of love (Death) was snatched from him. He visits the episode in his mind, realizing a part of him is still trapped there (The Tower). Yet, he feels he can breathe, move better in isolation--without restriction (The Hermit). Awakened from his morose reverie, he realizes that he must accept "What is"--using and integrating the "shit" to fertilize a new path (The Hanged Man. And then, he begins again on the upward spiral to awareness... (The Fool)

Craig Conley

Thank you for the kind words and great reading of the spread, Janet! Yes, I designed those cards. I'm tickled that you like them!

Janet Boyer

Seriously. You are amazing. You blow me away with your creativity! :oO

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