Cinco de Mayo Tarot Spread

Happy Cinco de Mayo, which commemorates the Mexican army's unexpected victory over the French in the battle of Puebla (they were greatly outnumbered). Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT Mexico's day of independence (that's 9/16). Here's a Tarot spread I created I created for you to use:


-- Janet

Reviews of Naked Tarot

NTmontageI haven't Googled myself or my work for years, so I'm just now discovering some reviews of my last book Naked Tarot.

In print, a review from Rahvym Corvus appears in the latest edition of Witches and Pagans Magazine (#39). 

Online, Raushanna posted a review in the same year my book came out (2018) at

At 110K+ pages, Naked Tarot was (is) truly a labor of love. If you've read it, let me know in the comments below what you've learned from it.

Easter Junk Journal Flip Through

Wow, it's been a long time since I've blogged! :o) Been relaxing into Earth energy by creating with paper and making junk journals. Here's two videos, one showing the unembellished version:

and the finished, blinged-out version:

This handmade journal is available in our ChezBoyer Etsy Shop here.

What have YOU been creating lately? Do share in the comments below!

The Joys of Junk Journaling

Not sure what got me on the Junk Journaling path earlier this year, but here I am. Any other junk journal junkies out there?

My first junk journal was for Halloween and had a macabre "embalmer/funeral director" theme. Here's a flip through of the finished product (I gave it to an online acquaintance):

Yesterday, I finished stitching a Christmas Junk Journal (my 2nd full-length one). Flip through below:

Haven't shared much of my jewelry designs on here (I've been making jewelry for over two years now)--so I'm applying that to making ephemera for junk journals--for example, "journal jewelry", "bling" or dangles (as they're often called. Here's two sets below (might make some for Christmas), that are in our ChezBoyer Etsy Shop here:Dangle capture

Also, some beaded and fabric tassels (found here):


But I admit--my favorite media to work with these days are paper, ink and string. It grounds me--the complete opposite of writing. Elementally speaking if writing is Air (and some Fire, for motivation)--then Junk Journaling (and paper crafting) is Earth, with a good dose of Water.

And interesting flip, considering I was so Air/Fire for so long. 

I'm glad for the "balancing"--and grounding. It suits me now. 

For now.