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Ron 3 As I've been sharing on my Facebook page and via Twitter, Ron has been painting The Fool card for our top-secret Tarot deck. Well, I'm pleased to report that he's just finished the last brush-stroke on The Fool! It looks fantastic, not to mention adorable and funny. *grin*

Some were curious about Ron's art process, including his studio and what music he listens to on his MP3 player. Well, this is your chance to Ask Ron about anything you want!

Michelle says: Tell Ron that your internet friends are very excited, and we love the work he's done so far on The Christmas Tarot (and that, a-hem, we are all still eagerly anticipating a *proper* and *original* Christmas Tarot), and that we are very happy to see his wife acting like a kid in a candy store and that he should keep her this happy by painting more cards. Oh, but also assure him that we know he works very hard at his day job and doesn't have much free time, but we appreciate every little bit of it that he can dedicate to creating Tarot cards. (Gee Janet, does Ron even know he has his own fan club amongst your friends?)

He does now, Michelle! *laughs* He's flattered! So Ron has agreed to answer everyone's questions.

From Laurra: Are you primarily a detail person or a big picture person. I'ma muse type...I get Ideas... I get big pictures... staying focused is my challenge... how do you do it on a project this big?

Ron's Studio Small Michelle wants to know: As a matter of fact, I would LOVE to hear about the music he plays while he paints!!! And if he has any rituals to get "into" the right "mood" for painting, and what kind of paint he uses, and what kind of artistic education he had (formal vs self-taught), and what his studio looks like, and if there are any particular foods he eats while he works, and how he proposed...

Teehee! That's Ron's art studio at right. We bought the other side of our duplex a few years back, and Ron converted the other kitchen into an art studio. (Makes it very convenient for washing out brushes!) He made the wooden desk so it would be a custom fit.

Oversoul Ron loves Alex Grey's Oversoul, so he has a huge signed print on the wall right in front of where he sits to paint.

He also custom built, and painted, the frame for Oversoul.

So feel free to add your questions in the comment section below and I'll be sure to interview Ron within the next few weeks, answering all the queries already shared, as well as whatever stuff you'd like to know.

While he can't answer specifics about the Tarot deck (in terms of theme and actual card depictions), he will definitely answer your questions about painting, art, Tarot, collaborating on a deck, favorite movies, hobbies, his day job and so on.

Thanks for your interest, everyone...and let the interrogation (er, questioning) begin!

-- Janet



Michelle Halpern

I am drooling over his paints. I have little talent, but I love to play and mix colors once in a while. And turning a kitchen into a studio is brilliant - all the cabinet space! The sink! The fridge for munchies! (Next time, please post a photo of said munchies, if there are any. LOL)

Does Ron help with homeschooling "Bill," or is that solely your territory? Is "Bill" artistically inclined? Uh oh, I think I'm getting off on a tangent... ;-)

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