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BIT Rawks If you've read my book Back in Time Tarot, you know what a BIT Snapshot is.

Fun, huh?

For those who don't know what you're missing, you can read an excerpt from the book on my site, including seeing a sample BIT Snapshot in action.

Basically, my BIT (Back in Time) Tarot Method begins with a memory, event, story, movie, news item, scandal, fairytale, biographical profile, book, conversation--basically, anything that you've witnessed or experienced.

It may have happened a decade ago, millenia ago or a second ago. Doesn't matter.

Then, you break down that memory or event into components. You can pare the memory down into just a few aspects, or choose to go deep, long and wide. Totally up to you.

Guy w Guitar Looking through the Tarot deck of your choice and match up those components with a Tarot card. (I happen to have the entire Universal Waite reproduced in gray-scale in my book so you don't even have to own a deck. Or, if you don't have a deck and want to play along here on my blog, you can use Joan Bunning's fantastic site, which has all of the cards online).

Whatever reason you have for selecting a particular Tarot card is A-OK. You can't get the BIT Tarot Method "wrong". No such thing. Honest. It's a pain-free way to learn the cards because the meanings stem from YOUR memories and YOUR perceptions and YOUR sensory data...for YOUR reasons. Because the Tarot contains archetypal imagery and symbols, I guarantee you that many of your associations will match what "experts" and esoterica have offered as the meaning for a card.

Are we good? Great! Let's go on to one of my favorite topics--rock music!

If you read my book, you know that I did a BIT Tarot Snapshot on 80s music. Well, now I'm going to do a BIT Snapshot for some of my favorite rock songs. (Yes, you can expect this to be a series... *laugh*) I'll link to the songs, video or lyrics online for your enjoyment.

BIT Snapshot Rock Music

5 pents"Outside" by Staind: 5 of Coins - "I'm on the outside, I'm lookin' in..."Just as the couple crouches under the stained glass church window in a snowstorm--literally on the outside--the 5 of Pentacles card often indicates feelings of rejection, of being "cast out" of proper society. This is the domain of the homeless, the streewalkers, the drug addicts--those that many won't waste their time on. Doesn't matter if the vagrant was a war hero or the woman pushing the grocery cart has Masters degree or the junkie has a genius IQ. All that matters is that the are on the "outside"... Similarly, this card can indicates the feelings of being marginalized or excluded--especially if such actions by others involve some type of threat to survival (job, finances, food, housing). 5's are often numbers of upheaval, displacement, disruption, confrontation and uncertainty--and the suit of Pentacles governs the material world, including health, money, possessions, environment and the body.

Strength "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by The Scorpions: Strength - "My kitty's purring and scratches my skin..." I'll be honest: my first thought for this song was something more explosive or even sensual. Queen of Wands? Sun? Tower? The feline reference made me think of Strength...but that would be too easy. But as I pondered the lyrics, I kept coming back to Strength. There is latent passion in this card; in fact, if the roof ain't kept on it, things can get hairy. Right in the jaws of the lion hairy. I usually see Strength as a "grace under pressure" card. But as I listen to this son (repeatedly), I'm struck that Rock You Like a Hurricane is basically describing raw female sexuality. And the woman holding the lion's jaw in this card illustrates "taming the beast", or, perhaps, channeling that energy in a healthy way. Unfortunately, history tends to paint women as either whores or saints, temptresses or good girls, Lilith or Hestia. But we know there's a much greater spectrum with the strong female than "just" one or the other. That is, a woman who knows her strength but doesn't feel a need to flaunt it. A woman who is strong, but doesn't attempt to dominate or intimidate. A woman comfortable with her sexual energy and able to channel it without selling out her energy or well-being. This is the strength of Strength...

8 pents Working Man by Rush: 8 of Pentacles - Here we have a man hammering on that eighth coin. When I see this card, I think of blue collar boys--factory work, "nice cold beer" (as the song goes) and good ol' honest livingg. This card is about putting your nose to the grindstone--git r dun. Sweat, manual labor and routine jobs...this is the domain of the 8 of Pentacles. "I got no time for livin'...Yes, I'm workin' all the time..." This card reminds me of my neighbor, a coal miner, who works a lot...often pulling double shifts. Yet, he seems happy and satisfied, often giving his extra money to his grown kids. He's been on vacation the entire month of August, so he's now in the 9 of Pentacles "enjoy the fruit of your labor" mode.

"Rainbow in the Dark" by Dio: The Hermit and The StarWith the lyrics "When there's lightning, it always bring me down", it may be tempting to associate the song with The Tower, but because I have a special, personal affinity for Rainbow in the Dark, I just can't. HermitIn fact, I can't even capture it in a BIT Snapshot with just one card (and like I say in my book, that's just fine). The Hermit is all about solitude, and this song talks about being left on your own. But solitude is weird for some people; they can't take it. They have to always be jabbering on the phone, creating drama, texting, interacting on the web, bothering the neighbors, bugging their grown kids... I'm a quadruple Scorpio so I love solitude (as does my Scorpio husband). If I didn't have my husband and child, I could do without in-person social interaction just fine (which would surprise people who know me or have talked with me. Bubbly me? Oh yeah...) I (now) like my own company. Wasn't always this way, though. I had my own "demons" to wrestle in the past, including low-self esteem and hyper self-criticism.

Star It's tempting to throw The Devil in here, because he's all about bondage of any sort, especially the self-defeating kind. The Hermit has to find his own way; he must realize that the Light he is looking for has been inside him all the time. Not easy! And The Star? That's the rainbow in the dark part. Who can see a rainbow in the dark? Can a rainbow even be cast in the dark? When we turn our eyes inward, the hope of truly seeing and knowing our inner Light--and being guided by it like a North Star--is priceless. You have that, and The Devil can never trip you in his wiles in the form of peer pressure, societal expectations, media "standards" or groupthink. After all, what's in that Hermit's lamp, anyway? The Star! RIP Ronnie James Dio. [wipes tear]


OK, that's it for this installment of the BIT Tarot Snapshot Show, boys and girls! Stay tuned for another episode soon--same bat time, same bat channel.

Bit cover If you're hungry for more, go on ahead a buy my book Back in Time Tarot (if you haven't already) to read some more awesome BIT Snapshots to tide you over in the meantime. My book is available in Kindle format (you do have a Kindle 3, right?) or, you can get a personalized, signed copy from my website.


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