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Chasing Your Tail (Tell Me Your Story)

00356626 For each of us, there is an area of life that cause us to "chase our tails". Sometimes, it's more than one area.

No matter how many books we read, sessions we meditate, hours we pray, Tarot cards we decipher or therapy appointments we attend, there is a particular challenge or two that we can't seem to evade.

Rather than put words in your mouth and share some of the patterns I've identified, I thought I'd open up my blog (and my email box) to your stories.

Paulina 5 I've been wanting to write a book about this topic for several years, mostly borne out of my own repeat patterns that have caused consternation, confusion and frustration.

Now, I want to bring clarity, calm and insight for as many people as I can, because I've discovered some tools that can ameliorate our unique challenges.

We all have these "dog chasing its tail" trials--and some even seem to come from outside ourselves in the form of obstructions, walls or relationships.

It could be illness, professional challenges or patterns of self-sabotage. Perhaps its addiction--to substances, approval, work or worry--or maybe your challenges come in the form of relationships, limitations, abuse, loss or societal pressure.

If you're willing, please share your "repeat performances" either here or via email. I may even use them in my book; if you want to remain anonymous, please do--and use, or give me, a pseudonym.

Thank you for sharing.

-- Janet

The image to the right is The Wheel of Fortune card from the gorgeous Paulina Tarot published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Click here to see my review of this deck, including additional images.


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