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Imp Dragon Cover “Dragons have always been harbingers of change so it should be no surprise that we feel attracted to their energy at this time. This Oracle connects you to the dragon energy and in doing so enables you to start to understand the power of change and the wisdom to be found within it. This in will turn enable you to navigate through life with calmness and ease. Welcome to the world of the Imperial Dragon Oracle. Let it guide you through these changing times.” – From the Little White Book

From Tristam to Beowulf, Arthur to Sigurd, dragons have populated legend and literature. While heroes battled “fire-drakes” to acquire treasure, protect villages or rescue maidens, some viewed dragons as guardian spirits of the earth or gatekeepers to wisdom.

Imperial 1 It is in this reverential spirit that the Imperial Dragon Oracle presents twenty-two manifestations of these unusual fire-breathing creatures—portals to other realities, yet offering relevance for modern humans.

Although named the Imperial Dragon Oracle, these twenty-two cards are actually reinterpretations of Tarot’s Major Arcana. Hailing from the U.K., artist Peter Pracownick (who has designed posters and album covers for renowned musicians like Ritchie Blackmore and Grateful Dead) breathes magic and noble ferocity into these dragon illustrations. The card designations (with traditional Tarot titles in parentheses) are:

0   The Seeker (Fool)
1   The Magus (Magician)
2   Wisdom (High Priestess)
3   Fertility (Empress)
4   Power (Emperor)
5   Mercy (Hierophant)
6   Love (Lovers)
7   Adversity (Chariot)
8   Imperial Dragon (Strength)
9   Solitaire (Hermit)
10 Destiny (Wheel of Fortune)
11 Balance (Justice)
12 The Wounded Dragon (Hanged Man)
13 Rebirth (Death)
14 Temperance (Temperance)
15 Mischief (Devil)
16 The Destoyer (Tower)
17 The Firmament (The Star)
18 Lunar Dragon (Moon)
19 Solar Dragon (Sun)
20 The Aeon (Judgement)
21 Gaia (The World)

Some of the dragons of the Imperial Dragon Oracle strike similar poses, but a few of them are stylized and unusual (for example, Destiny and Aeon). Some are paired with Rider-Waite-Smith style props such as the scales of Justice, the Hermit’s lantern, the dual pillars from the Moon, the burning building of the Tower and a shepherd’s hook staff from the Hierophant.

Imperial 2 The cards measure approximately 4 ¾ x 3 ½ inches and the backings depict a reversible double green dragon motif. The fronts of the Imperial Dragon Oracle show the card name, number and corresponding astrological glyphs. The superior-to-most 58-page Little White Book offers card keywords, commentary, meanings and reversed meanings by Andy Baggott.

Fans of fantasy art will enjoy this deck, as will those having an affinity for dragons and their lore. If seeking empowerment, guidance and spiritual depth from the dragon realm appeals to you, then the Imperial Dragon Oracle would make a fine deck for your purposes. I’ve found it to be accurate and powerful in its messages, but those completely new to oracles or Tarot may find difficulty gleaning meaning from the images alone (although the LWB will help greatly for those undaunted).

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-- Janet Boyer, author of Back in Time Tarot and founder of the Tarot Classroom


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