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Morgan Cover “If you haven’t found the switch to universal consciousness, keep looking. Examine Morgan’s Tarot and you may find a switch or a whole series of switches taking you, O Traveling One, ever closer to the Main Switch. If upon turning various switches it does not seem that you have found the Main Switch, don’t be discouraged. Each switch reveals a clue as to the whereabouts of the Main Switch. For those of you who are on automatic control, there is little to say. In any event, Morgan’s Tarot is fun for all ages—family and friends.” – From the LWB to the Morgan’s Tarot

A funkadelic black-and-white deck first published 40 years ago, Morgan’s Tarot has now been re-released by U.S. Games in all of its New Age glory.

Morgan 3 Comprised of 88 cards, Morgan’s Tarot isn’t really a Tarot deck, but rather a higher-conscious oracle borne of mystical prescience (and perhaps one too many ethnobotanicals combined with a substance that begins with L and ends with D).

Irreverent at times (My Glob Reigns) and profound at most (Yesterday’s Truth: Or What Was It I Was Doing a Minute Ago), Morgan’s Tarot is arguably more relevant now than it was in 1970. With Now Age ideas like Awakening, Present Moment Awareness, Energy, Non-dualism, Oneness, OM, Lost Worlds (e.g. Atlantis and Mu), Akashic Records, etc. spreading into the “mainstream”, Morgan’s Tarot could have easily been first published in the 21st Century.

Illustrated by Darshan Chorpash, this deck features line drawings and text on one side and an intricate, non-reversible Love is God design on back. Some of the wise, silly and/or provocative cards in the Morgan’s Tarot include:

Morgan 7 • It is not what you do that counts, it is…Where your head is at.

• There is No You

• Your doubt is your faith if necessary in your particular case perhaps DOUBT

• Boo!

• Keep up the good work

• What’s happening?

• I think I’ll make A Buddha

• Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards for they are subtle &  QUICK TO ANGER
• There are NO MISTEAKS

• Your mission is Not Yet Complete

• If there is a judge, you are it. Judge


Formerly OOP (out of print) and selling for outrageous prices online, the Morgan’s Tarot’s reprint is easy on both the eyes and the pocketbook—a quirky collector’s item (and bona fide oracle) that most Tarot enthusiasts will want to add to their shelf of curiosities.

To see 16 more images from this deck, click here.

-- Janet Boyer, author of Back in Time Tarot; Founder of the Tarot Classroom


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