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Oracle of Shadows and Light

Big Eye Cover 160 “For this oracle is like no other: It is for the lost and lonely, the broken-hearted and the orphans and misfits—for the wanderers and the strangers even in the midst of friends. This is your guide to finding your way, changing your world, mending a broken heart and discovering your soul family while still on the planet. If you’re brave enough, asking their advice can reveal a world of sweet beauty, whimsical rhymes and steadfast courage. So say farewell to fear! Walk through the veil, and be prepared to enter their magical world.” – Lucy Cavendish, in the companion book to the Oracle of Shadows and Light

A Candy Cane Angel and an Absinthe Fairy, A Clockwork Pumpkin and a Sewer Mermaid—who are these odd wide-eyed beings that refuse to “put on a happy face” or be forced into the gray garb of normality?

Big Eye 2 These eerie messengers are denizens of the Oracle of Shadows and Light, a lavishly illustrated 45-card deck featuring the vibrant artwork of American artist Jasmine Becket-Griffith. However, it’s the words, heart and perceptive insight of Lucy Cavendish that bring these cheeky beings to life within the 136-page companion book.

From the Lady with a Bosch Egg to the Three Witchy Sisters, the Lantern Fairy to the Angel de los Muertos, each of these sweetly bizarre envoys encourage users to feel, speak and behave authentically.

Although the Oracle of Shadows and Light isn’t a saccharine “love and light” New Age deck, it’s not a “dark” one, either. Rather, it’s a deck that embraces the off-kilter, the idiosyncratic, the weird—those spirits, and individuals, who don’t seem to fit in any pre-drilled hole made by religion, family or society.

Yet, perhaps it’s precisely because these peculiar beings aren’t run-of-the-mill that their wisdom finds purchase in weary hearts, on burdened shoulders and through “been there, done that” jadedness.

Big Eye 15 The transfixing artwork alone is enough reason to acquire the Oracle of Shadows and Light (I guarantee that you’ve seen nothing like it…no matter how many oracle or Tarot decks you own), but Lucy Cavendish’s depth of understanding gives voice to each of these unusual messengers.

Even if you find one or more images peculiar at best and off-putting at worse, reading Lucy’s words and actually working with these cards—yes, even the Carnivorous Greenhouse, Strange Valentine and the Mildew Fairy—yields unexpected information, uncanny accuracy and relevant advice when used with an open mind and softened heart.

Glossy and sturdy, the gorgeous cards of the Oracle of Shadows and Light measure approximately 5 ½ x 3 ¾ inches with the Angel of Alchemy image serving as the card backing. A lustrous gold frame surrounds each colorful image, with cards numbered from 1-45.

The companion book explains how to perform a reading and the purpose of this deck, as well as the origins of each being, individual card interpretations, and a personal message.

Here are but a few of the beings in this deck and the message they relay:

• Ghost of the Pumpkin Patch – Count Your Blessings
• Eclipse Mermaid – A Powerful Energy Shift!
• Poe – Time for Change, to Learn Something New, Advanced Technology
• Shallow Grave – You Miss Someone
• The Angel of Time – Working Too Hard!
• Carousel Fairy – What Comes Around…
• Sea Storm – Calm Amidst Chaos
• The Fairy of the Green World – The Natural World Needs You
• Voodoo in Blue – Back Off!
• I Am Kali – From Death Comes Rebirth

Big Eye 3 I have used the Oracle of Shadows and Light several times within the last few months, and it’s amazing how accurate it is! In fact, one day, my husband relayed very specific, intuitive information to me about my life purpose. In involved the color pink and a flower. Later that day, I shuffled the deck and drew a card. What did I pick? The Pink Lotus Fairy! (And he hadn’t even seen this deck yet, mind you!)

The message of the Pink Lotus Fairy embodied both my husband and his message—it was a truly profound experience to have those synchronistic experiences that day! I felt comforted, encouraged and looked after…not only by my husband (who is my precious soul mate), but also by invisible beings that support and guide me daily.

If you want a truly one-of-a-kind deck that will tell you like it is and encourage your “off the beaten path” journey, I highly recommend the Oracle of Shadows and Light. I never get tired of looking at the mesmerizing art and it’s so refreshing to see, hear and feel beings that I hadn’t been familiar with…until now.

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-- Janet Boyer


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