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BIT Tarot Method - What Is It?

BIT COVER 250 At first glance, my BIT Tarot Method—which I introduced in my book Back in Time Tarot—may seem deceptively simple.

While easy to perform, the benefits can be monumental—especially for those attempting to learn Tarot and/or bond with a particular deck. This is because associations created from your own personal “database”—your observations, impressions, assumptions, correlations, sensory memories—come from YOU, not some outside source like a Tarot book or expert.

As you well know from experiencing (and reliving) certain memories, the past—and our personal associations and assumptions—are never far from us. So when we merge the personal and the immediate with a particular Tarot card, we will likely remember it well for readings. In other words, the BIT Method, if practiced, will give you the gift of never having to grope for a Tarot meaning, ever again!

In a nutshell, my Back in Time (BIT) Method (the basis of my book Back in Time Tarot) goes like this:

1. Think of any incident from the past, whether it's one second ago or millennia ago. It can be a memory, an overheard discussion, a news story, world event, biographical profile, historical milestone, movie, TV, book, song, fairytale—anything.

2. After you have one particular memory in mind, take a moment to break down that memory into a few components. (Or, if you're adventurous or Tarot-savvy, as many components as you'd like!)

FT 13 3. Go through any Tarot deck with an illustrated Minor Arcana (that is, a deck that shows people and situations on cards Ace through Ten) FACE UP. Choose a card (or cards) that best represent each component of your memory from #2. Your choices can be based on attire, visage, posture, colors, environment, card name, numbers, symbols, animals, objects, people, emotions evoked when you see it, "gut feeling", etc. It’s impossible to do my BIT Method “wrong”. Anything that causes you to connect a card (or cards) with a component is correct for you, according to your own reasons!

4. I encourage you to journal your associations and reasons in either a notebook, word processing program, personal blog—whatever works best for you—so your association becomes further cemented in your mind. By associating memories with various cards, you are, in a sense, "imprinting" on a particular card. You know how some parents put their kids' hands in clay, and then bake the impression for posterity? Or how a baby duck “imprints” on the first life form it sees?  Well, my BIT Method is sorta like that—except you're "imprinting" the Tarot card/s and deck/s of your choice with your own personal associations--making any deck that resonates at first blush truly "yours".

5. Congratulations! You've just completed a BIT Snapshot!

FT 14 I’d love to hear of your experiences with my BIT Tarot Method, so please feel free to comment on any BIT Snapshots here on my blog or via email. In fact, if you’re game, create your own BIT Snapshot and send it to me for a “guest post” here on my blog! You can remain anonymous, or include your name and/or bio to go along with your post. Above all, remember: have fun!

If you'd like to read an excerpt from my book Back in Time Tarot, please click here.

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Completely new to Tarot? Clueless about the cards? My book happens to have the ENTIRE Universal Waite published in grayscale--so you don't even need to own a deck to get started...just you, a story, a movie, paper, pen, a keyboard... It's that easy!

The two cards used here are from the lovely Fairy Tale Tarot by Lisa Hunt. Click here to read my review of this delightful deck.

-- Janet Boyer


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