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Palm Reading Lines

Palmistry, also known as chiromancy or palm reading, is divination involving the shape and size of the hand. The lines on the hand, as well as the muscle areas (known as mounds), are also studied and analyzed. Palmistry has been used for thousands of years, and over 2,500 years ago, Aristotle wrote a book on it for Alexander the Great. In the 15th century, many of the mystical arts were condemned as witchcraft, including palm reading.  Unfortunately many who practiced this art were killed, persecuted, or went into hiding at the time.

Palm_Lines A Fate Line
B Girdle of Venus
Heart Line
Life of Mars
Life Line
Marriage Lines
Head Line
H Bracelets


In palm reading, the more pronounced the line—how deep it is—reflects the strength of the qualities of the particular line.

A Fate Line This line runs down the center of the palm, and is also known as the Destiny Line. This line usually reflects the affect the world will have on you, as well as career goals, and adaptability. Not everyone has a Fate Line.
B Girdle of Venus This line reflects sensitivity and emotional stability, as well as romance and desire for outer stimulation. Not everyone has a Girdle of Venus line.

C Heart Line This line reflects your emotional side and the ability to love and be loved. It is also connected to the physical heart. When an individual has a Heart Line that curves on the end, this is known as “physical” Heart Line. Those with this kind of line are usually comfortable expressing needs and emotions—and tend to be confident, assertive, and resilient. When the Heart Line runs straight across the palm, this is known as a “mental” Heart Line. Individuals with a mental Heart Line may find it difficult to express their emotions, yet, they are sensitive and easily hurt.

D Line of Mars This line is also called the “Sister Line”, and runs parallel to the Life Line. It is considered a very auspicious line, and to have one is to almost have two Life Lines. The Mars Line accompanies and strengthens the constitution denoted by the Life Line.

E Life Line This line is the subject of a popular misconception—that the Life Line reflects how long you will live. In actuality, the Life Line reflects the vitality of your life—how physically hardy you are, and how much you enjoy life.  The Life Line indicates important life changes. This line is considered the most important line, and all other lines are usually read in the context of the Life Line.

F Marriage Lines These horizontal lines are also known as Relationship Lines, and indicates major relationships—as well as the desire to enter intimate relationships and commitments.
G Head Line This major line signifies mental capacity and concentration, as well as the ability to reason.
H Bracelets Also known as Rascettes, these lines are found circling the palm side of the wrist—usually three in number.  Bracelets indicate general health; if these lines are clearly defined, good health is indicated.
Stay tuned for Palm Reading Mounds!

-- Janet Boyer


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