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Janet's Mailbag: Best Beginner Tarot Book and Deck?

Green qAnd another email arrives in my inbox!

This question comes from Adrianna, a client of mine...and it's one I'm asked a lot.

She asks:

Can you recommend a beginners tarot book and deck?

Here's my response to her:

Do you have my book Back in Time Tarot? If not, please get it. :o)  It's great for beginners and has the entire Universal Waite Tarot reproduced in it for those who don't have a deck. To see if you resonate with this type of personal journaling, you can see some samples of my BIT Tarot Method here.

If you have a Kindle, and you're an absolute beginner, consider my eBook Tarot Basics to get you started. Also, you can learn the Tarot card-by-card via my Tarot Explorations series (click here to see all the eBooks available). 
C for youOther fantastic books are Mark McElroy's Absolute Beginner's Guide to Tarot, as well as his book What's in the Cards for You? Learning the Tarot by Joan Bunning is also good , but she has the whole book already on her site at LearnTarot.com

The best Tarot deck is the one you resonate with. I have tons of reviews on my site with lots of card images to give you a feel of the variety out there at this link. If you like snow, frost, winter and even Christmas, check out the Snowland Deck that my husband and I created on SnowlandDeck.com

Since many Tarot books and blogs reference Rider-Waite-Smith style decks, you may want to check out the Universal Waite (one of the most attractive of the RWS decks).

21 ways Of course, dear Readers, there are other fantastic Tarot books on the market (and I include them in the Bibliography of my first book, as well as my subsequent works).

For example, Mary K. Greer's 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card is superb, and should definitely be on your shelf after you work through the beginner books I mentioned.

But if you're starting out completely fresh with the cards, the resources I've mentioned in this post will more than get you on your way...especially if you actually do the exercises or contemplate the questions offered in each book.

-- Janet



Very Nice post. I will have to pick your book up since im a tarot book junkie. I usually recommend "Tarot for Yourself" by Mary K. Greer. A wonderful workbook for newbies and professionals alike. Waite tarot was my first deck as well. Ok off to get your book.

Janet Boyer

Hi Melissa! Personally, I could never get into Tarot for Yourself (or a lot of the standbys many recommend). I LOVE anything by Mark McElroy; as far as I'm concerned, he's the best Tarot author on the market! :o)

Confession: I'm a Tarot book junkie, too. (I have over 250, even though I'm lucky if I've read a handful.)


You for sure have more books then i have. Thank you so much for getting back :).

Janet Boyer

You're most welcome, Melissa! I've slowed way down on buying Tarot books; not much innovation out there these days. :o)

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