BIT Tarot Method Changes Lives

Making Friends With Any Tarot Deck

Phantasmagoric_Theater_Tarot_3One side benefit of my Back in Time (BIT) Tarot Method is that it enables you to bond with ANY Tarot deck.

Yes, that means the pretty deck (or two) that you bought on impulse, but now feel you can't "read" with.

Here's the scoop: your deck isn't mute. If you acquired that Tarot deck because you found it appealing on some level, then it can--and will--speak to you.

Here's the problem: you haven't made friends with your Tarot deck. Like any relationship, you need to go beyond the surface. In this case, going beyond the lovely or provocative imagery.

Here's what NOT to do: Buy more Tarot decks, hoping the next one will be "it"--your special deck that will wax eloquent and divulge secrets both great and small.

Here's the solution: Imprint your beguiling deck of choice with memories and sensory detail--those deep, lasting parts of the brain that will stick with you...and endear you (finally) to that Tarot deck you long to use.

BackinTimeTarot 200

If you'd like to know more about my BIT Tarot Method, visit this link on my website to view the book trailer, read the Introduction, access online reviews of Back in Time Tarot and more. (You can get a free sample of the Kindle version here, or just go ahead and gift yourself with it. I don't mind. Really. Go ahead, you--and your decks--deserve it!)

-- Janet



Janet, thank you for your kind words! I'm having a blast with this deck now, and I'm studying my other nemesis, the Thoth, for another experiment/blogpost on the subject of using your method to access difficult decks.

You rock!

The Wicked Messenger

Janet Boyer

Lili, so nice of you to drop by! You have no idea how much your blog posts and experiments has encouraged and energized me. (Some days, I think of giving up Tarot writing!) Bless your heart.

It truly thrills me to see someone--you!--actually using the BIT Method as I intended. It's not for the lazy or the faint of heart...and maybe that's why it's not as well known as other techniques.

Wow, you're going to try it with the Thoth?! OMG, that's my nemesis, too... *laughs*

Thanks again for stopping by and please feel free to share anytime! And, I'd love for you to share guest posts on the BIT Method, if you'd like.

Keep up the good work!


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