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Janet's Mailbag: Best Beginner Tarot Book and Deck?

Janet's Mailbag: Why "Back" in Time?

Q mark I get emails all the time asking me to recommend decks, explain my BIT Tarot Method, offer suggestions for good books and so on.

It occurred to me that if someone aks me a question, there very well may be others out there wondering the same!

So here's the latest email that arrived in my inbox less than 20 minutes ago:

Dear Janet

I am just wondering with your book and way of reading tarot cards, back in time,  I am a little confused.

Its it not best to dwell on your past,  to let go of the past and move forward?

For me, I would rather know I am on the right direction instead of going back.

Please advise.


Janis in Australia

Hi Janis,
Bit cover In my book Back in Time Tarot, anything that has occurred--from 1 second ago to 1 millennia ago--is "the past".  The phrase "back in time" is just a way to describe the process of using Tarot cards to "capture" an experience and then matching it with the imagery. These existing scenarios can be anything--movies, songs, tales, personal experiences, overheard conversations and so on.

Everything we've ever experienced, especially if we remember it well, is likely anchored in memory because of sensory or emotional content. When we combine this powerful default setting of our brain with Tarot cards, we can then interpret the images to not only inform our present, but help shape our future.
And, because humans tend to get caught into ruts (repeating patterns), taking the time to actually look inside and evaluate our unique perspective may very well help us interrupt--or at the very least, understand--any repetitive behaviors that disempower us.
Does that make sense?
Blessings to you!

If you, dear Reader, would like to know more about my BIT Tarot Method, you can read the complete Introduction from my book on my website at this link.
-- Janet


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