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10 Ways Authors and Publishers Fail on Twitter

Twitter Egg Eye Below are 10 ways authors and publishers fail on Twitter. Don't do these. Please.

1. Don't have a Twitter account. (Seriously)

2. Don't list a web address. (You do have a website...right?)

3. No profile picture. (How's that egg working for you? It's not.)

4. Only Tweet once a week or, worse, once a month. (Who are you, again?)

5. Use Twitter as a megaphone. (We're not at a carnival, so don't be a barker that merely shouts about your new book/product and sales and specials.)

6. Talking at your followers, rather than with them. (See #5)

7. Ignoring Tweets @you. (It's called "Social" Media for a reason).

8. Not Tweeting about topics that would interest your audience. (Hint: What genres do you specialize in? What is your book about?)

9. Not passing along fascinating quotes or excerpts from your titles. (Give me a reason to read.)

10. Not engaging your own authors, fellow writers, colleagues and/or authors from other houses. (Spread the love. Think "colleague", not "competition". Win/win for everyone in the end, especially if someone new finds your press or your book/s.)

-- Janet



Very good tips. You always have the best stuff to say!

Janet Boyer

Thanks so much, Shaheen! By the way, I haven't forgotten your suggestions for future blog posts; they're on a Post-It! :o)


Wonderful!! I look forward to reading them when you have the time. I love checking to see your new post... I wont lie its one of my favorite past-times lol!

Keep up the good work and congratulations on the Amazon Kindle situation!


Janet Boyer

Teehee! Thanks so much; knowing that there are people out there that actually want to read what I write is very inspiring!



I was wondering if you could give me some advice, or even do a post on how to run a successful blog. For sometime now I have been doing a spiritual message as a weekly email to my clients and I started extending that to my facebook fan page and I used that as a blog of sorts for a bit and with the update of my website I decided to start a blog... now I am wanting more insight on how to manage it, how to keep it exciting and most of all how to make it a success.

You have such wonderful insight... so if you have the time I look forward to what you have to say.

All the Best!

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