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Earth Magic Oracle Cards

Earth magic “We’re intimately connected with every aspect of Life, yet it has become clear that our relationship with Earth has gotten seriously out of balance. By activating and awakening a deeper memory of our inter-connectedness with all of the beings on this planet, we can renew and restore this balance and come to know our Earth Mother and all of her children as profoundly related, both physically and spiritually. As we integrate this knowingness into our being, the many realms of Spirit make themselves available to us in a variety of ways…and one way is through using these Earth Magic Oracle Cards.” – Steven Farmer

From clouds to crystals, DNA to deserts, fairies to fire, Milky Way to meadow, shamanic teacher Steven Farmer arranges and offers 48 tributes to Gaia in his Earth Magic Oracle Cards.

Earth Magic 2 Arguably the most artistically stunning and consistent oracle decks ever produced from Hay House, the Earth Magic Oracle Cards presents 48 different cards for accessing grounding, healing, earth-based guidance. Here are but a few cards from this gorgeous deck:

• Spring Equinox - Rebirth
• Cave – Sanctuary
• Forest - Breath
• New Moon – Promise
• Wolf – Instinct
• Tsunami – Wake-Up Call
• Dragonfly – Emergence
• Whale - Breach
• Iceberg – Submerged
• Stone People – Vigilance
• Winter Solstice – Reflection
• Green Man – Synergy
• Rain – Purification
• Eagle – Communication
• Wind – Activation

Accompanied by a 160-companion book, the Earth Magic Oracle Cards provide luminous portals for everyday guidance, environmental awareness and spiritual insight, encouraging seekers to pay attention to signals from flora, fauna, weather, volcano, landmasses, bodies of water, physical sensations and natural cycles.

Earth Magic 10 Farmer’s wise, gentle, earth-based insights offer a balm to the hurried, hassled, and wired, encouraging us that transformative guidance swirls around us, above us and below us if we but take the time to listen—especially outdoors.

I’ve been using the Earth Magic Oracle Cards for several weeks and absolutely love them. It would be worth having this deck just for the artwork (which can be used for meditation, contemplation or ritual), but Farmer’s accessible teachings outline the intricate, delicate connection of all things—a crucial, sensible reminder in these tumultuous, uncertain times.

Highly recommended!

To see 16 more images from the Earth Magic Oracle Cards, click here.

Janet Boyer is the author of Back in Time Tarot (Hampton Roads) and Tarot in Reverse (Schiffer Books, 2012). A prolific blogger and reviewer, as well as a Social Media Maven for publishers and authors, Janet’s main website is


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