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One Woman + 1,186 Reviews + 2 Book Deals

PTB I need your help, friends! I submitted my reviewer/author story to Seth Godin's Initiator Domino Project and it's a finalist! If I'm one of the winners, I'll end up in Godin's next eBook project (powered by

Please vote 10 Stars for me! (No registration required...just click the 10th Gold Star!) You only have until 5 PM EST tomorrow (March 23).

One Woman + 1,186 Reviews + 2 Book Deals THANK YOU SO MUCH! The shortened link, if you'd like to pass it around for me, is

I am so excited, everyone! You can read my story on there, too, before you vote. You only have to click the 10th registration or anything. Please pass this along on YOUR blog, Facebook page, Newsletter list or Discussion Board if you've enjoyed my book, deck and other reviews!

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support over the years--and especially your 10-star vote today!

If you'd like to have some background on what the Intiator Contest is, just click here to read the announcment at Seth's blog.

Freaking out,

-- Janet Boyer, author of Back in Time Tarot 

Domino 100 


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