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Skeptic A recent Twitter conversation:

New follower: I always thought that Tarot is Devil's tool...?
Me: Who told you that? A minister?
He: Well, what can a deck of cards tell about a life? :)
Me: Everything. :o) 78 pictures filled with the whole spectrum of life experience...friendship, love, regret, competition, hope
He: hmmm, does that cover an entire life?
(Snarky) Me: The only thing that covers an "entire life" is, well, a life. Do you have one? :o)

His post got me thinking, though: Could I encapsulate the range of life found in the Tarot...using just one word?

Here's what I came up with. I'd love to hear your thoughts and the keyword you might use for any or all of the cards. (Note: I didn't include the 16 Court Cards for this challenge because they are "people" cards, and you know how people are: complex!)

1 One Word Tarot

The Fool - Childlikeness
The Magician - Manipulation
The High Priestess - Intuition
The Empress - Propagation
The Emperor - Authority
The Hierophant - Morality
The Lovers - Commitment
The Chariot - Ambition
Strength - Finesse
The Hermit - Solitude
Wheel of Fortune - Change
Justice - Justice
The Hanged Man - Sacrifice
Death - Transformation
Temperance - Moderation
The Devil - Bondage
The Tower - Destruction
The Star - Hope
The Moon - Mystery
The Sun - Vibrancy
Judgement - Karma
The World - Completion
Ace of Wands - Virility
Two of Wands - Launching
Three of Wands - Anticipation
Four of Wands - Ceremony
1 again Five of Wands - Competition
Six of Wands - Victory
Seven of Wands - Defense
Eight of Wands - Speed
Nine of Wands - Weariness
Ten of Wands - Burden
Ace of Cups - Contentment
Two of Cups - Intimacy
Three of Cups - Celebration
Four of Cups - Boredom
Five of Cups - Regret
Six of Cups - Sharing
Seven of Cups - Options
Eight of Cups - Abandonment
Nine of Cups - Saturation
Ten of Cups - Bliss
Ace of Pentacles - Welfare
Two of Pentacles - Juggling
Three of Pentacles - Collaboration
Four of Pentacles - Thrift
Five of Pentacles - Forsaken
Six of Pentacles - Dispensing
Seven of Pentacles - Assessment
Eight of Pentacles - Work
1 thrice Nine of Pentacles - Poise
Ten of Pentacles - Legacy
Ace of Swords - Courage
Two of Swords - Blindness
Three of Swords - Grief
Four of Swords - Recuperation
Five of Swords - Gloating
Six of Swords - Evasion
Seven of Swords - Stealth
Eight of Swords - Victimhood
Nine of Swords - Anxiety
Ten of Swords - Overkill

-- Janet Boyer, author of Back in Time Tarot 


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