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Book Gems #3 Ensouling Language

Ensouling I've started reading an extraordinary book called Ensouling Language: On the Art of Nonfiction and the Writer's Life by Stephen Harrod Buhner (published by Inner Traditions) that's heartfelt, honest and surprising (any author with the balls to say that the popular Writing Down the Bones is one of the worst books on the writing craft deserves my attention for at least a few pages!).

Just because the title includes the word "nonfiction" doesn't mean Ensouling Language isn't applicable for any writer wanting to mine the deepest, most authentic raw  self to put on the page. Here's a compelling excerpt from this hefty 464-page book (that's worth every penny):

The craft must always spring from who you are and the meanings that are important to you. The only thing that you ultimately have to give is your experience of your own life, your essential individuality…

Stephen_bio Your writing will only mean something to the readers who buy your work if it means something to you. Your passions, your commitment, must course like blood through the body of your words. Then, truly, the writing will stir, rise, open its eyes. And the more you fill your writing with the meanings that come from deepest in yourself, the more it will impact your readers. That is why, if the work is good, you will always feel afraid as you write it. For you are exposing some deep part of yourself to outside view. You are allowing yourself to be naked inside the work. And one of the difficulties with this is that you know it, you feel it.

To order Ensouling Language from Amazon, click here. To find out more about the author, click here. To visit the publisher's website, click here.

-- Janet Boyer, author of Back in Time Tarot, Tarot in Reverse (Schiffer 2012) and the Snowland Tarot (Schiffer 2013).  


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