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Nine Celestial Cures of Feng Shui

Fs 5 Feng Shui, and refers to the invisible life force that permeates all things. Sometimes, chi (also known as qi) moves too quickly, too slowly, or blocks entirely. This results in sha qi, or "bad energy". In Feng Shui, there are nine Celestial Cures that help you alter the flow of chi as it moves through your house, workplace, garden or even your body.

Introducing Feng Shui elements like the nine Celestial Cures can increase harmony in relationships, enhance business prosperity, promote health, and increase personal vibrancy and energy. Each of the nine Cures affects chi in different ways, and some of the strongest Cures perform more than one function.

The Nine Celestial Cures

1. Mirrors

Mirrors are considered the "aspirin" of the Feng Shui medicine bag. This category not only includes mirrors, but anything that reflects or shines light. This would include crystals, chandeliers, lamps, reflective surfaces, shiny ribbons, etc. These cures reflect energy into different directions. If you're feeling claustrophobic in your house or apartment, or lack a back door, if you hang up a mirror, it creates an artificial exit for chi. You'll notice how differently you feel (and how differently the space feels) when you hang up a mirror. If you take down the mirror, the area will feel instantly "closed off" again. Make sure the mirror is whole, though, as opposed to tiled or "fragmented". A chandelier is a powerful Cure because crystals absorb sha qi (bad energy), but also adds the dimension of light.

Fishbowl 2. Goldfish

Have you ever noticed how Chinese restaurants have a large tank of goldfish? That's because it's a powerful Celestial Cure! I've also seen tanks in hospital waiting rooms, which is a great idea since goldfish helps calm nervousness. While any fish tank brings good fortune, curved, octagonal, or round bowls invite much better Feng Shui than angular bowls.

3. Household Pets

Researchers have found that pets lower blood pressure and stress, and increase feelings of well being. And it's no wonder--because pets of any kind are a wonderful Celestial Cure! No wonder many nursing homes, prisons, and hospitals are using animals as therapy. According to author and Feng Shui expert Selena Summers, door-to-door salesman report that homes with pets have a happier atmosphere than those who do not.

4. Harmonious Sounds

Music This Celestial Cure includes wind chimes, bubbling fountains, birdsong, tinkling bells, running water, and buzzing insects. Adding a birdbath and bird feeders to your yard or garden will invite birds to your dwelling--resulting in more birds that will sing and beautify your environment. Many stores now sell electric water fountains. For Christmas, my husband bought me electronic metal chimes; a fan blows from the bottom, moving through the hollow chimes and creating beautiful tinkling sounds. Chimes create harmonious sounds and movement which makes it a powerful Cure. Also, the word "Feng" means wind, so this additional element of "cosmic breath", or spirit, adds yet another powerful dimension to chimes.

5. Color

Adding color to a room is a great way to get rid of bad energy. The color white is associated with death and mourning and drains energy, so it's better to pick colors like cream or antique white if you want a neutral color. Also, pale pastels make for the best Feng Shui for home interiors. In colder climates, you may prefer warmer pastels like peach, lemon, or pink. In warmer climates, you may prefer cooler pastels like lavendar, powder blue, or seafoam green. If you really want to use white, however, you can always add splashes of bright red.

Jade 2 6. Plants and Flowers

I've noticed that since I've added plants like jade to my office/library area, it feels more "alive". That's because plants and flowers are a Celestial Cure. Scientists from NASA have confirmed that plants remove toxins and pollutants from interiors. (Isn't it neat how science continues to confirm age-old wisdom?) According to Summers, spider plants absorb "electric" smog from computers and office machinery. She also says that when setting up a Prosperity Plant, round-leaf plants like jade or maranta make great choices. Pointy-leaf plants like azaleas, however, tend to repel luck. Dried flowers bring an aura of death and is not considered good Feng Shui, and plastic flowers also increase sha qi because they are not made from natural fibers. You can neutralize bad energy from dried plants or flowers by putting it in a crystal vase. Silk flowers are good Feng Shui because silk is a revered natural fiber, connecting with the idea of eternal life.

7. Moving Items

This Cure refers to anything that moves, such as overhead fans, rotary doors, weather vanes, mobiles, fountains, moving lights, whirlygigs, and even grandfather clocks. The gentle movement of the pendulum in a grandfather clock creates chi. Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant that has chimes on the door? Chimes move, and they also provide harmonious sounds, making it doubly powerful as a Feng Shui Cure.

Chimes I have several decorative chimes in my office/library, and although no wind blows strong enough to make harmonious sounds, they do gently sway and rotate, so I still get the benefit of movement. A few years ago, my husband made a neat mobile out of clothes hangers. He straightened up the wire, made a snow flake pattern out of the "spokes", and then covered it with narrow, shiny gold Christmas tree garland. We were going to hang gold sun, moon, and star ornaments on it, but never found them again in the store. This mobile gently rotates because of the natural air circulation. It's not only beautiful to look at, but it reflects light and creates movement, which incorporates two of the Celestial Cures.

8. Heavy Objects

Sometimes, chi moves too quickly in a space. This can be especially true if there is a long hallway where chi can rush through. Statues, wooden screens, stones, and sculptures can all help with blocking or re-directing chi that moves too quickly. If a door is much too wide for a room, you can place a statue on either side of the door to slow down the chi.

9. Musical Instruments

Flutes It is believed that flutes carry more power than any other musical intrument because of their hollow shape and their spiritual significance. Bamboo flutes are one of the oldest musical instruments known, as well as those made of bird bones or reeds. Fans are also considered a musical instrument, because when you open one, you hear a soft shhhh sound. In fact, some ancient manuscripts consider the fan a wind instrument! Nowadays, you can get flutes made out of crystal, precious metals, glass, and so on. Two flutes are better than one, but if you're hanging them up for good luck, make sure the mouthpieces point downward. You can tie shiny red ribbons on them for extra luck. You can use flutes as paperweights, set them on tables, and use them as decorative objects.

A 10th Celestial Cure?

According to author Summers, modern Feng Shui practitioners use electric items such as computers, radio, and TV sets to help with chi. Surprised? Well, have you ever walked into a room that seemed lifeless--empty? What happens when you turn on the radio or the computer? The atmosphere of the room changes because electronics create energy. (But if you feel too overwhelmed by chi, you can always filter it out with a spider plant!)

Some of the above information was gleaned from the wonderful book Feng Shui in 5 Minutes by Selena Summers. I highly recommend this book if you want to increase harmony and prosperity in your home, business and life. Click here to order your copy from

-- Janet Boyer, author of Back in Time Tarot, Tarot in Reverse (Schiffer 2012) and the Snowland Tarot (Schiffer 2013).


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