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Under the Snow

Under the Snow "In the heart of winter, a deep layer of snow blankets fields and forests, ponds and wetlands. You spend your days sledding and skating and having snowball fights. But under the snow lies a hidden world." -- From Under the Snow

Written by Melissa Stewart and illustrated by Constance R. Bergum, Under the Snow chronicles the extraordinary lives of animals, insects and fish among frozen ground, tucked within rocks and under icy water.

I had no idea that ladybugs pack themselves into stone walls or that a wood frog can freeze SOLID...and still survive. Talk about fascinating! Not only does Under the Snow explain what goes on during the winter in different habitats, but it also instills a sense of wonder and respect for how various creatures cope (and thrive) during harsh winter conditions.

I highly recommend Under the Snow for all homeschooling families and children's libraries. It's one of those rare books that melds science with beautiful art and lyrical prose...a true treasure.

To get your copy from Amazon, click here. To visit the publisher's website, click here. To vist author Melissa Stewart's super-cool, informative, fun website, click here.

-- Janet Boyer


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