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Snow Day!

Snow day "Did you hear that? Did the weatherman just say what I thought he did? Did he say...SNOW? Oh please, let it snow. Lots and lots of snow." -- From Snow Day!

Let me tell you, I thought this book rocked when I "just" read it through. And my 12 year old? He LOVED it. But now that I've heard the companion CD that comes nestled within a plastic pouch in the book cover...

WOW! Now, I can't NOT read Snow Day! without hearing the delightfully giddy southern drawl of author Lester L. Laminack reading his book!

I love it that we're not sure who the narrator is until the end. (And the companion CD features the author sharing his inspiration for the book--and she happens to make an appearance in Snow Day!, too!)

The artwork by Adam Gustavson is amazing--so vibrant and full of expression! Every time I read this book, I smile. It's that enchanting. (And when I had my son read a whole stack of books and rate them, this one received HIGHEST praise--"10 out of 10 stars!", he exclaimed.)

If you're looking for an adorable kid's book that pays tribute to the longed-for snow day, you MUST get this book! I've read and reviewed dozens, and I have to say, it's one of THE best children's books I've ever come across. And the companion CD? How wonderful that it features book narration (with and without prompts) AND a brief talk from the author!

Highly recommended!

-- Janet Boyer


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