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Be a Confident Tarot Reader!

The biggest hurdle to successful Tarot reading?


Run reach Pro athletes acknowledge they are good. In fact, in sports psychology, you have to think you are the BEST. Same with reading Tarot.

It’s not arrogant to recognize innate psychic talent (if you have it), study for years, practice tons and then conclude that you are GOOD (especially if the feedback you’re getting from friends, family and clients tells you that you are).

Good, as in helpful and accurate.

So to help encourage you, here’s some affirmations I came up with that you can say every day. Feel free to print them out, post them on your computer or other prominent place in your home, put them in your purse, wallet or briefcase or share with other Tarot readers (with proper author attribution, of course):

Affirmations for Tarot Readers

• I can read Tarot.

• The cards reflect Life. I know life!

• Each card has multiple messages, and I will see and hear them at the perfect time.

• I animate the cards by observing, analyzing, feeling…and then telling their story.

• Tarot needs ME to activate its power.

• I say what I see, hear or feel.

• I am the Tarot’s vocal cords. The cards will speak through me.

• Tarot speaks in stories and familiar language. I CAN connect the dots!

• I am open to a wider perspective and greater vision.

• Important clues will make themselves evident as I read.

• I see the modern in the ancient, the relevant in the obscure.

Try out these affirmations and let me know how they work out for you (as well as if you want more of them!).

-- Janet Boyer, Amazon Top/Vine Reviewer, author of Back in Time Tarot, Tarot in Reverse (Schiffer 2012) and the Snowland Tarot (Schiffer 2013). Featured in Tales of the Revolution: True Stories of People Who Are Poking the Box and Making a Difference (A Domino Project eBook edited by Seth Godin) 


Sammy Lang-Saxon

Wow Janet, what a great blog post. I read this and felt a great positive learning energy come from it. Thank you.

Janet Boyer

Thank you, Sammy! You are most welcome. Those affirmations just seemed to flow out of me as I pondered the biggest hurdle to reading Tarot successfully: confidence. It was so great to have you stop by and visit! XO

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