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BIT Tarot Challenge: A Cup of Coffee

Coffee cup Ahhhh....

Nothing like a hot cuppa joe for this yankee!

So today's Back in Time (BIT) Tarot Challenge is...a cup of coffee!

What Tarot card would you associate with hot java? (Remember, there are no wrong choices or reasons!)

You can choose a Tarot card based on the image I've provided, or for the effect coffee has on you, for the smell, for memories associated with it...anything.

For me, I'd associate a cup of coffee with either the 2 of Cups card or the 10 of Cups.

The reason for my choice is because coffee is pretty much a "party drink" around here, even if we do drink it almost daily! *laughs*

2 of Cups 250 We consider coffee a celebration around here, as well as a juice to help us stay awake (Ron), focus on homework (Noah) or fuel marathon writing sessions (me). Whenever I ask, "Want some coffee?", Noah yelps in delight, "Woohoo!" (resounding yes!)

With Ron, it depends on if he needs sleep for work the next day.

But weekends? Making coffee and drinking it together is a part of our "family bonding time" (thus, the 10 of Cups). And, I love it when it's just Ron and me sitting out on the porch, hearing the chorus of birds greeting a new day (or, in the case of late night antics, a choir of frogs!).  Thus, the 2 of Cups choice (intimacy). In fact, that's why I chose the image I did for our Snowland Tarot 2 of Cups! It's a very personal meaning for us both.

So tell me dear readers: what Tarot card would you pick for a cup of coffee? Why? Please weigh in!

2 of Cups card from the Snowland Tarot deck, painted by Ron Boyer.

 -- Janet Boyer, Amazon Top/Vine Reviewer, author of Back in Time Tarot, Tarot in Reverse(Schiffer 2012) and the Snowland Tarot(Schiffer 2013). Featured in Tales of the Revolution: True Stories of People Who Are Poking the Box and Making a Difference (A Domino Project eBook edited by Seth Godin)


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