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Noah Sez - Connecting with God

Noah Sez 1 I've been thinking about doing this for months.

Since our son, Noah, was a toddler, we've called him "little guru". He has taught us SO much...not only through his Autism (PDD-NOS) diagnosis, but also his rise about those challenges to become a thoughtful, compassionate, witty, articulate, wise and funny young man.

Noah is 12, and will be 13 in September. He comes up with such piercing insights, and incredibly hilarious zingers, demonstrating maturity way beyond his physical age. Some have called him an "old soul" (like his parents), in fact.

I often write down these wise and witty nuggets, and often Tweet them to my followers or share them with my Facebook friends. However, I've now come to the conclusion that my little guy's soul needs to be "out there", touching the world with his light, joy and sagacity.

So welcome to a regular new feature to my blog: Noah Sez!

Out of the blue, Noah just said (as he often does with no mitigating stimuli): "You don't have to set the alarm for church to connect to God. You can connect with God at a museum, in your house, at the market...anywhere.

Yeah, I know. Pretty heavy, huh?

I hope your enjoy our little man's wisdom as much as we do! Free free to comment on the Noah Sez posts, and I'll be sure to relay them to Noah. In fact, if you have any questions for him, you can send those along, too. He's quite intuitive. :o)

-- Janet (Mom to Noah--another Renaissance Soul Ablaze)


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