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Noah Sez - I Should Be Cat-Mind, Not Monkey-Mind

Neo Wrapped Our wise resident sage Mr. Noah just declared he should be cat-mind, not monkey-mind.

In Buddhism, the monkey mind describes the mental state of turmoil or racing thoughts. Noah, our 12-year old, is currently reading The Mindful Child by Susan K. Greeland. Although geared towards parents, teachers and caregivers, I asked Noah to read it for his own benefit.

Through mindfulness practices such as watching the breath and focusing on the present moment, Noah has benefited greatly in managing stressful thoughts and emotions. I taught him about the "monkey mind", and how it likes to squeal and yell--jumping from one thing to the next.

Apparently, my little lesson took root...because he just made the above comment about wanting a "cat-mind".

We often observe our cats, Neo and Stuart, and I point out how they have no worries of the future, nor do they beat themselves up for the past. They just ARE--and are enjoying every minute of their beingness!

So what kind of mind would YOU like today?

Noah and Cats 
-- Janet (Mom to Noah--another Renaissance Soul Ablaze)


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