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Did You Know? Using Amazon Links to Support Writers (Like Me!)

Did you know that you can support writers and reviewers like no extra cost to you?

Here's how: I happen to be an Amazon Associate, and as such, I have a unique Amazon associate ID when I generate links to Amazon products.

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By using any of my book, deck or product links (unobtrusively embedded in my blog posts, website reviews, FB posts or Tweets--or my monthly New Releases page at as a portal to get to when you're shopping, Amazon recognizes my Associates tag (janetboyercom-20).

Thus, when you check out--even when you don't order the item whose link you used to get to Amazon--I get a small percentage kickback JUST because you ordered something via  link that I posted!

Here's a few examples: Let's say you ordered The Healing Drum Kit through the highlighted link. As an Amazon Associates, I would make about $2.50 just because I referred you. Or maybe you want to get a copy of Ciro Marchetti's Legacy of the Divine Tarot. At no extra cost to you, if you use that embedded link, I earn $1.20.

However, if you use one of those links just to GET to Amazon, but only want to get a Peek-a-Prize Cat Toy Box or maybe Rush's Time Machine 2011: Live in Cleveland DVD...well, guess what? I still get the kickback because you used a link that has my tag on it (and Amazon happens to "remember" it).

Or, you can even use the search box below or on my main site and--you guessed it!--I get a commission on anything you buy.

So if you'd like to support me and my work, all you have to do is one of the following:

1. Bookmark this blog post and use one of the links to get to when you go shopping
2. Use any of the embedded links in my reviews, posts or New Releases page when you go shopping
3. Bookmark to use the search box right on the main page when you go shopping

And that's it! It doesn't cost you any extra at all, but helps me pay for blog hosting, site hosting and more.

Thanks so much!

-- Janet Boyer, Amazon Top/Vine Reviewer, author of Back in Time Tarot, Tarot in Reverse (Schiffer 2012) and the Snowland Tarot (Schiffer 2013). Featured in Tales of the Revolution: True Stories of People Who Are Poking the Box and Making a Difference (A Domino Project eBook edited by Seth Godin)   


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