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Playing with Images - Grandpa Snowman Marionette and the Snowmonaut

I'm excited to share a new feature here at Snowland called Playing With Images! These interactive creative games are geared towards fiction writers, poets, storytellers, artists, musicians, Tarot readers--anyone inspired by imagery in their work (or play!).

The first one involves a conversation between Grandpa Snowman Marionette and the Snowmonaut:

Grandpa 350 Snowmonaut 320 

What do you imagine the Grandpa Snowman Marionette saying to the Snowmonaut? What would the Snowmonaut say to the Grandpa Snowman Marionette? What advice would each give to one another? What encouragements? Warnings?

To take this a step further (for those of you up to an artistic challenge!), write a story, poem or song involving these two characters. If you're a Tarot reader, the Grandpa Snowman Marionette is the 8 of Swords card from the Snowland Tarot, while the Snowmonaut is The Star card. How might those cards or associations interact given these images?

8 of Swords 250Stars 250 

Have fun, and I can't to see what you come up with!

-- Janet


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