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Yummy Cookies!

9 of Cups Final Cropped 400The latest image from our Snowland Tarot deck is the 9 of Cups. Doesn't it make you hungry for cookies?

Some of the keywords and phrases associated with this card include: Satiety, Feasting, Relishing, Indulgence, Pleasure, Gluttony, Enjoying the "Good Things" in Life, Sensuality, and Gourmand.

Interestingly, some Tarotists call the 9 of Cups the "Wish Card", indicating wish fulfillment and dreams coming true. But you know what they careful what you wish for! We included the shooting star on the cookie jar as a nod to this popular interpretation.

But notice the juxtaposition of the snowman child reverently wishing upon a star (or, perhaps praying or giving thanks for what he has)...and the child wolfing down cookies. "Too much is never enough" or "too much of a good thing" comes to mind.

However, puritanical thought and even some Christian traditions prohibit or frown upon reveling in the senses--including eating, drinking, laughing and dancing. Some Christian denominations like the Church of Christ disallow instruments in their worship, preferring the human voice. (Not sure what they do with the Scripture saying "praise Him with the tambourine" and such, but...there ya go).

As with all cards in the Tarot, there is a continuum of Light and Dark, Helpful and Detrimental, Constructive and Destructive. There are no "bad" or "good" cards in the Tarot, despite what you may have heard. Each has a spectrum of meanings and import, and can be taken to an extreme. The middle way, balance, is the key.

How do you interpret the 9 of Cups card? What do you think of our Snowland Tarot version of this card. And, most importantly, what is your favorite cookie? (Posted recipes get bonus points and our gratitude!)

-- Janet


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