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It's Try TO, Not Try AND!

Mad  girl bigOne of the most egregious and irritating grammatical errors I see everywhere?

Using "try and" instead of "try to".

For example, "I am going to try and use this expired coupon".

No, no you're not.

For one, that's just plain wrong. That is, trying TO use an expired coupon. Pay attention to the date, for God's sake!

Two, you don't "try and" do anything. You try TO do something.

I can't believe how often I come across this grammar mistake. Sure, one can expect it on the web and on blogs. But Writer's Digest books? And writing magazines? Gah! Where the hell is the editor?!

So, please, do me a favor lest you make my blood pressure knock out the ceiling: use "try to", not "try and"!



I even heard Commander Shepard (Mass Effect video game, by company Bioware) say "try and" one time, and I couldn't believe it! Now, my supervisor and I always tease each other. Every time she says "try and" on purpose (knowing how much it irritates me) I correct her.

Janet Boyer

It's a truly rampant misuse, Marcela. I see it ALL the time in magazine articles, non-fiction books and novels. I'm actually surprised when I see "try to"!

Bernie Goldbach

I set up "try and" as a drinking game while listening to prominent Irish broadcasters. I'm edging closer to raging alcoholism now.

Janet Boyer

LOL! I bet. ;o)

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