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No TV for 3

No TVThis week marks four years that our little family of 3 members (well, 5 if you count the fur babies) have been without TV programming.

Invariably, when people find this out, we get asked two questions. I thought I'd share them here, as well as our answers.

Q: Where do you get your news?

A: Internet. On Twitter, I know the news faster than my Mom who has satellite TV.

Q: What do you do instead?

A: Read. Write stories/poems/books. Paint. Make art. Play video games. Watch DVDs. Digital graphics. Blog. Talk to one another. Enjoy our lovely backyard. Go to the park. Ride bikes. Try new recipes. Put on skits. Listen to music. Play games. Write letters to penpals and friends from all over the world.  Cuddle with the kitties. Build things. Swing on the glider. Sing. Dance. Exercise. Laugh...a lot.

-- Janet 


Gina Pace

it's been.... ten years for me, and still going. I occasionally have access to tv when on vacations, and I've forgotten HOW to watch tv. I was at a friend's house overnight once and she said "here's the remote, if you want to watch tv or change the stations or anything" and in the morning I was still on the same station which was running back-to-back reruns of "Golden Girls" LOL

I don't miss it AT ALL except maybe the History channel and Discovery Channel.

Janet Boyer

If we "miss" something, we just buy it on DVD! :o) We're getting a LOT of mileage with the Munsters box set I bought Ron for Christmas. LOL And Ron and I love Dexter. And then there's all the family movies... Don't you find TV irritating when you go to someone's house? When we go over my parent's house and the TV is on, the commercials ALONE just assault our senses. Ugh! And "reality TV"? Totally don't get the appeal. Rather live my OWN life than vicariously through another. :oP

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