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Valentine's Day Giveaway on the Snowland Facebook Page!

2 of Cups 250I'm feeling a Valentine's Day giveaway coming on...

OK, here we go! Help us get to 400 likers on our Snowland Tarot Facebook page and we'll pick TWO random winners. The prizes? 1. Mousepad, mug, tote, magnet or poster of your favorite Snowland image 2. Signed limited edition CALLING card 3. One-card Tarot reading from Janet.

Just share our Snowland Tarot Facebook page on your OWN Facebook wall (and/or pages), via your blog, in Tarot groups, on Tarot discussion boards, on Twitter, at Google+, etc. to get the word out about our deck. Then, when we get to 400, I'll start a special thread on our FB page where you'll just say "count me in!"...and your post gets one entry for the random drawing. BUT, if you actually provide a link (or links) to all your "spread the love about Snowland Tarot"'ll get an extra entry for EACH link. Woohoo!

And how's this for a super secret extra entry possibility? If you make a post here in the comment thread telling us WHY you like our Snowland get ANOTHER entry for our random drawing! (Just make sure you let me know on Facebook when you do, just in case the name you use here differs from the one you use on Facebook).

Remember, the link is We hit 400 "likers"? TWO of you win!

Ready...set...go! (And thank you so much!)

-- Janet


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