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High Priestess eBook - Tarot Explorations Card-by-Card Series

Explorations HP 400I'm thrilled to announce that the third eBook in my Tarot Explorations Card-by-Card Series is now available!

In The High Priestess eBook, you'll discover:

• Over 2,800 words, ¾ of the information not found elsewhere

• Phrases and Keywords

• People and Archetypes

• Characters, TV and Movies

• Places, Objects and Actions

• Quotes

• Songs

• Extensive Symbolism (Number 2; Black and White Pillars; B and J; Headdress; Equal-Armed White Cross; Yellow Crescent Moon; Blue Robe; Scroll; TORA; Water; Veil; Pomegranates; Date Palm Tree)

• Esoteric Correspondences

• Investigating with the 7 Clue Method

• 5 Affirmations

• 8 Journaling Questions

• High Priestess Spread with placements and image (created just for this eBook!)

• Light/Shadow Continuum and Reversals

• Link to special Pinterest board featuring images of the High Priestess from over 40 Tarot decks, curated by me

I've worked very hard on The High Priestess eBook, especially the symbolism section. Rather than regurgitate what other Tarot writers say on the subject (as many writers do), I've independently research the symbolism of the equal-armed cross, veils, pomegranates, date palm trees, yellow crescent moons and much more. 

I hope you enjoy it! The rest of the Tarot Explorations Card-by-Card Series will have this same level of scholarship combined with relevant modern applications. 

Below is the special 7-card High Priestess Spread I created exclusively for this eBook (you have to read the book to know what the positions mean, though!) ;o)

HP Spread 300

To show your support of my work, I'd greatly appreciate it if you "liked" my eBook on Amazon (near my name)--and, of course, if you'd purchase it, too. Reviews on your blog and Amazon are also very welcome. Thank you!

-- Janet


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