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American Tarot Association Board Censors Authors and Deck Creators

This just in:

The board of the American Tarot Association has handed down a censorship decree saying that any of my work is banned from the ATA Quaterly Journal.

ATA Lynch Regime
That's right. Your hard-earned dues going to CENSORSHIP...just like the membership fees you pay at (where my work is also banned--sitewide, and in the Forums by ANY poster wanting to discuss my work). 

This, no doubt, the work of Stephanie Arwen Lynch aka Tarot by Arwen aka President of the ATA. (Click here to read my post Why I'm No Longer a Member of the ATA Association). 

So don't expect to read anything about our lovely Snowland Deck in the ATA Quaterly Journal, nor any other innovative work I may come up with in the field of Tarot. 

-- Janet


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