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Persona Non Grata at Aeclectic Tarot Forums

Le fanu 300I was just over at Le Fanu's wonderful blog, perusing comments about his review of my Tarot in Reverse.

I was surprised to read this conversation in the comments section:

Carla: Thanks for this review, Le Fanu. I have been one of the vocal ‘I just know when to read reversed meanings’ folks on AT, but lately, I’ve been thinking about using reversals. Even though an upside down card image really deeply offends my sensibilities! :) I was thinking I might get around that by having little tumbled stones on hand, and when a card comes up reversed, turn it upright but set the stone on it to remind me it has the reversed meaning. I have been hesitant to buy a book on reversals, but your review makes this one sound appealing. (Mary K Greer’s books are fine, but I’d like to read someone else for a change!) Right, off I go to order it, then!

About 5 hours later, Carla then postsSo can someone tell me why Janet Boyer is persona non grata at AT? I just started a thread there and received a PM saying threads about her had been removed. What??

Chiriku theorized: Carla, I have wondered if it had something to do with a feud she had a few years back with Nigel Jackson (the creator of the eponymous tarot as well as the Rumi and Fortuna’s Wheel tarots, and a practitioner/initiate of the Western Mystery tradition). Unless there were other feuds about which I don’t know, this one centered over her negative review of the Rumi Tarot and then his over-spirited response to her. I don’t know if this played out on AT as well; that’s just my guess. Too bad because I like her down-to-earth and detailed reviews, even if they often disagree with my own tastes and desires in decks. And I liked her book Back in Time Tarot.

Censorship ATHere's my reply: For some unknown reason (and I’m serious about that), Solandia banned me from AT Forums about 6 years ago (this, while she still continued to use my reviews on AT!). I then asked her to take down all my reviews, as well as the dozens of card scans I provided to her for decks she didn’t have images for.

All I know is that I take days at a time offline. One day, about 6 years ago, I saw about three DM’s from Mods at AT. When I went to go to AT to see what they were…I found that I was entirely locked out. Solandia refused to tell me why when I asked her politely several times. To this day, I have no idea why. I was never involved in anything remotely controversial the short time I was there (Nigel Jackson’s attacks on me were there on AT and via Amazon.com…but I believe I was banned even BEFORE that, because I don’t recall engaging him directly there at all).

No only does Solandia and her censoring moderators (especially “Alta”) remove any MENTION of Tarot in Reverse on AT…she also deletes any thread mentioning my Snowland Tarot deck (that  is 75% completed). http://SnowlandTarot.com In fact, I made a post about censorship at AT back in Feb. on my blog:http://janetboyer.typepad.com/blog/2012/02/aeclectic-tarot-forums-censorship-world-tarot-day.html

Bizarrely, no one has stood up publicly (other than myself) to ask Solandia/AT why this kind of censorship is being practiced…while any fly-by-nighter can get massive mention and exposure just by including “Tarot” in their blog, eBook, video or self-made deck.

I’d be lying to say that it hasn’t hurt sales of my book that she stamps out any mention of my work, especially since we just opened pre-orders for our Majors-only deck: http://www.janetboyer.com/SnowlandDeckMajorsOrder.html

It’s one thing to say for her to say she doesn’t want me in her Forums for who knows what reason…but quite another to censor people even mentioning/discussing my work…especially for a site (supposedly) dedicated to the “exploration” of Tarot.

CensorshipI mean, it's one thing to hate me. I'm cool with that, and God knows I have dozens of small-minded haters in the Tarot community for that one short story I sold via Amazon last November which I offered a sincere apology (an apology, by the way, that people like Lisa Frideborg Lloyd aka "Tarotize"and "Love Dove Tarot" openly mocked and called a "Fauxpology").

But does the Tarot community seriously condone censorship--even of a Tarot author, blogger, reader and deck creator that they hate? I'm serious about this, and I'd like to hear your thoughts (if you have the courage). I thought most Tarot people--even the vocal petty, neurotic and insecure ones--were all for free speech...especially since Tarot enthusiasts tend to be marginalized by the majority. 

You mean to tell me that, even if you hate me, you think it's OK for a Tarot Forum that will include any and all mention of Tarot minutia in its threads to prevent people from even mentioning my works...let alone discuss them in any manner they wish (including criticism)?

I'm not asking you to like me or my work; hate me all you want. But do you condone outright censorship (which is what this is)? What if this was your book? Your blog? Your deck? Or, your best friend's or favorite Tarot author? Would that be OK?

Head sand censorOr is it that you're more than pleased with others censoring the mention of work of those you loathe...to the point of Schadenfreude? (Again, I'm not talking about my presence on the AT Forums--could care less that I'm not wanted there--I'm talking about preventing individuals from even mentioning my books, blogs, deck and so on so that others may discuss them). 

So, who has the courage to share their thoughts? To actually post this blog somewhere and invite discussion about it? That will maybe start a small movement saying, "Hey, our kind has been marginalized and censored for aeons. We do NOT condone it when it happens to one of our own" (even if you happen to hate a particular member)?

Or will you all stay silent as  you have for months?

 -- Janet


Harriett Potty

Personally I feel this is disgraceful and it is cyber bullying at it's worst by AT Forums. I can not align with this type of thinking, in no way can this be supportive to Tarot or the people who seek to further their knowledge. Holding back knowledge is going against Universal Law, it is control based on fear and it seems to me that they have merely exposed themselves 'to us' when their intent was to hurt Janet Boyer and as most of us whom are aware know, this type of persecution (albeit Janet remains totally unaffected by this childishness) is not of the 'light'. The cracks are appearing at AT!! They will be the beginning of their own demise, when one is not coming from light and their intent is not to share knowledge that is freely offered from a blessed heart, The Tower will find them, those belief systems will not be supported. Where we sit now, as a whole, everyone has been given a copious amount of time to purge that which does not align with soul/spirit. There is no 'room' for this during change. We are free to express ourselves absolutely so long as it benefits ourselves and 'all of mankind' even if subconsciously. To take this freedom and then to express it a step 'backwards' is liked to a witch's trial. History is repeating itself through being blinded by their own light, they need to remove those veils, and put down their torches! What they put out will return ten fold, it can only empower those they have tried to burn. It saddens me, that in our amazing and light filled environment where we feel we are totally safe to be ourselves completely, that there is always someone out there wanting to prick our balloon. Thankfully today most of us have claimed back our personal power and in that have the wisdom to make our own decisions based on our own heartfelt feelings and not be led by the wolf in sheep's clothing up a path that has hidden values. In no way am I relating this to any reader or writer of tarot, but most definitely to moderators of sites that portray to support the Tarot Community as a whole then to go and single out using cyber attack. Seriously they need to see Dr. Phil and seek spiritual therapy and own their own shit.
Gina Simon-Blease
Harriett Potty's Tarot

Janet Boyer

Well said, Harriet! Thank you SO much for your bravery, support and wise words. You are very bright light in this world, and I'm privileged to be your colleague and friend!


Hi Janet,

Aeclectic is a commercial tarot site and forums are very hard to keep stable. Some forums get very toxic very quickly. I think that is the reason for the strict rules. Despite its censorship, Aeclectic does serve good purposes.

I think it is a pity that people have to hang on to past differences and conflicts. Some people do get condemned forever and that isn't justifiable. There should be nothing wrong with mentioning your work as you are a very credible tarot author.

You seem to be doing quite well, despite this. I've been away for a long time but it was a pleasure to come back and see how good your site looks. I also enjoy reading your comments and have just listened to one of your interviews on Paranormal radio. You do have a lovely voice by the way!

I hope that you can move on with your work, carving out a new audience of people who enjoy sharing your tarot journey with you. All the best :)

Janet Boyer

Hi Quietlyme! Thanks for your kind words and stopping by to share your thoughts.

I agree about Tarot Forums getting out of hand, especially if many of the posters are toxic personalities to begin with (which, apparently, most online Tarot Forums/Groups are).

However, I find it more than a bit odd that a site would delete ANY thread that mentions one author's books, deck or work with the hope of discussing said work. That's not a rule, but blatant censorship.

From what I hear, it would seem that Aeclectic is serving the purposes of authors and decks that Solandia LIKES...and stands to make $ from because of her preferential treatment.

I'm absolutely moving along with my work, as always! :o) But I won't hesitate to point out acts of censorship or discrimination when they happen...whether of MY work, or anyone else's.


Hi Janet,

I just read that you've decided to withdraw from the tarot world for a while. I will miss you and wish you well. You're a gifted tarotist :)

I've had a difficult time on forums in the past. It's partly just anonymity where people do not have to be personally responsible for what they say and do. People can also act out distress, anger, pain, ignorance just as they can show goodness and kindness.

Part of it is also to do with people react to things so quickly. They don't take time to think about what and how they're going to see.

If people just concentrated on tarot - doing, learning, playing - things would probably be all right but they don't.

There are lots of storms in tea cups as well. I don't get involved in any of those now. Not worth the trouble.

I wish you well and look forward to running into somewhere around cyberspace. God bless :)

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