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Snowland Deck Pics and Update!

Last weekend was a momentous occasion.

You see, the final proofs of our Snowland Deck Life Themes Edition came in from the printers.

Not only were we shocked at the speed of the proof copy's arrival (5 days!), but also the quality of the card stock and color saturation.

In short, the deck far exceeds our expectations!

I thought I'd share some pictures of our newest addition--including sneak peeks of Snowland extras we're including with our special edition decks--the glittery fabrics for the custom bags, the one-of-a-kind bracelets, gorgeous pendulums and so on.

Papa Ron
Proud Papa Ron, minutes after the proof deck arrived at the post office

Ron Cards
All the Snowland Deck Life Theme Edition cards, including the title card, backing and Noah's special card

Noah Card Smaller
Our son, Noah, displaying his special card CHILLAXIN

Fabric etc small
Here I am, looking over the cards that are laying on the three special fabrics that will become Snowland bags. I'm wearing Snowland bracelets, too!

Bracelets Title Card
Custom designed Snowland bracelets and the title card we'll sign. (Jewelry by Scotti Cohn aka Zanna Starr)

Pendulums Small
Snowland pendulums made of sodalite, clear quartz, blue onyx and moonstone

Janet Sun Bracelets
Here I am showcasing some of the Snowland bracelets Scotti and I designed. Like snowflakes, no two will be the same!

Cards Title Fabric Small
Some of the Snowland Deck cards laid out on the three bag fabrics

Bracelets Ivory
Snowland cards, fabric and bracelets sparkling in the sun!

There's heaps more images at our Snowland Deck Facebook Photo Albums. And, you can see the cards posted as Ron completes them at SnowlandDeck.com.

We're now taking orders for the Life Themes Edition of our Snowland Deck (click here for more information on all the goodies), as well as the full deck (click here to see the special Platinum, Gold and Silver packages we're cooking up for you). 

If you want your choice of a Snowland bracelet or pendulum with your Majors-only deck (aka Life Themes Edition), you must place your order before September 1, 2012! Otherwise, you'll have to wait to get your Snowland bling with either the Platinum or Gold package for the full deck (estimated completion between December 15, 2012 - February 15, 2013). 

The cards are large, measuring 3.5 x 5.5 inches (the same size as the DruidCraft Tarot). 

In case you missed it, I hope you enjoy the video below I made of all our Snowland Deck Life Themes Edition cards. Noah helped me pick out the music, and we had fun making it for you. 


-- JanetAmazon Hall of Fame/Vine Reviewer, author of  Back in Time TarotTarot in Reverse and the Snowland Deck


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