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Talking Tarot, My Books, Creative Writing and More on the ISIS Paranormal Radio Show

I just got done doing what I think is my best interview ever on the ISIS Paranormal Radio show.

A miracle, really, since host Dayna Winters had to call me 4 minutes before show time (got lost in a freakin' brain fog and lost track of time!). However, the caffeine starts kicking in about the last 15 minutes of the show, so listen for me sounding like a chipmunk on coke. *wince*

On the show, I talk about:

  • Stephen King
  • Tarots Gaian, Zombies, Hezicos, Bright Idea, Halloween and more
  • How to read reversals and why you CAN do it
  • Connecting Tarot cards to pop culture
  • Using Tarot for creative writing
  • How I spend my free time (what the hell is that?!)
  • The next card for our Snowland Deck (haven't even mentioned it on our Facebook page yet!)
  • More outrageous Janet-ness

OK, I wasn't exactly outrageous (this time). Well, maybe I was when I said that I crack up about what I wrote on the Death card in Tarot in Reverse...and proceeded to read about Botoxing. Ha!

Yes, as you can see, I'm still high on coffee! (On my 3rd cup. Yelp.)

Alrighty, so, hit play below and enjoy. ::waves::

 -- JanetAmazon Hall of Fame/Vine Reviewer, author of  Back in Time TarotTarot in Reverse and the Snowland Deck


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