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Deck Creators Inserting Their Faces in Tarot Cards

I've noticed that two female deck creators have inserted their images/faces into the decks they've made. Below is Ellen Dugan in the 9 of Pentacles of her Witches Tarot and Joanna Powell Colbert in the 9 of Earth from her Gaian Tarot (both Tarot decks published by Llewellyn).

9 Pents Dugan
Ellen Dugan's face as the 9 of Pentacles in the Witches Tarot (cgi manipulation by Mark Evans)
9 Pents Joanna
Joanna Powell Colbert, artist/creator of the Gaian Tarot (painted replica of a photo...I think)

The 9 of Coins/Earth/Pentacles is a card suggesting "I'm an accomplished, well-to-do woman".

At her Goodreads author blog, Ellen Dugan (co-creator of The Witches Tarot) notes that she "talked my husband and adult kids into each posing for a card too".

I'm curious: how do you feel about deck creators/artists inserting themselves (and their family) into their cards? Does their reconizability affect your ability to project universal archetypes or themes in any way...or does the personal touch enhance relevant associations?

In our own Snowland Tarot, our son, Noah, posed for our Calling card (the equivalent of the Judgement card). My artist husband, Ron, wanted the snow angel to be a young woman--but when I saw the poses with Noah in the mock blue robe, I thought his expression captured the import of the card perfectly...convincing Ron to do my bidding paint Noah, instead.

Calling 400
Calling, Snowland Tarot's version of Judgement

 For our 10 of Cups card--the happy family--we plan on putting our images, as well as our cats...and maybe even Grandma.

Would love to hear what you think of this practice, and how it affects your ability to read with a Tarot deck...or if it influences your purchasing decision at all.

-- Janet, Hall of Fame/Vine Reviewer. Author of Back in Time TarotTarot in Reverse and the Snowland Deck


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