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A Dog's Life

Dog life"Everyone thinks that dogs have it easy. But I work from morning till night. As soon as I get up...I make sure that no one oversleeps. Ruff! Ruff!" - from the book

In one of the most delightful children's books I've ever read, author Caroline Sherman offers us a dog's eye view of life.

What humans may categorize as accidents, messes and annoyances have, at core, noble motivations--from a dog's point of view.

"I wash dishes. Slurp! Slurp!" (A dog sneaking licks on a finished dinner plate).

"Then I go outside to tidy up the yard. Splish! Splash!" (The dog wrestles a spouting water house in its mouth).

From page one of A Dog's Life, I was smiling. By page three, I was chuckling. Who knew what a dog REALLY thinks going about its daily "chores"?

And that howling at night? Why, singing lullabies until everyone is asleep, of course!

Brought to playful, animated life by illustrator Donald Wu, A Dog's Life offers a comical perspective on canine antics. The dynamic close-ups will likely engage children, while the fresh perspective of what may be classified as drawbacks to dog ownership will amuse adults.

My husband saw this on the table, read it and asked me "Did you read A Dog's Life yet? It's funny!"

And honestly? I can't see how anyone who reads this 22-page hardcover book would think any differently.

Highly recommended!

-- Janet 


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