Spooky Tales Volume 1 Now Available on Kindle!
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Spooky Tales Volume 1 Free on Kindle from Oct. 29-31!

Spook Tales Cover free
Cover Art: Craig Conley. Desecration of Cover Art: Janet Boyer
Since I can't give you guys actual candy for Halloween, I'm going to give you a cyber treat, instead.

Beginning (around) midnight tonight, Spooky Tales Volume 1 will be FREE for three days. The gifting madness will be from October 29-31. (Wait until it says "free" though, to get the gift).

In the meantime, feel free to "like" the Amazon page, share this post on your Facebook wall, Tweet about it and tell your friends who like spooktacular stories.

And, when you're done reading, a review on Amazon would be most appreciated, too! Don't have a Kindle? You don't need one! You can download free Kindle apps on Amazon for your PC, Android, Tablet or other device at this link.


-- Janet


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