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21 Ways to Support Your Favorite Authors, Bloggers and Artists

Happy laptopDo you have a favorite blogger who writes can't-miss posts? What about an author that consistently writes great books? Or what about a Tarot or oracle deck artist whose work makes your heart sing?

Don't take them for granted.

Here are practical ways for letting them know that you appreciate their time, dedication and creativity:

Do they have a blog?

* Make sure you take the time to comment on posts you enjoyed, even if it's a short "Loved this!".

* Are they registered on Networked Blogs? Follow their blog by clicking the "Follow" button.

* Sign up for their RSS blog feed or put your email into their Feedburner box.

* Share a link to your favorite blog post/s via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Google+.

Do they have a book?

Boyer author snapshot* Like their Amazon Author profile page.

* Like their book/s on Amazon (rectangular "Like" button under the title).

* If you've read and enjoyed their book, write a review of it on Amazon. You can also post the same review to GoodReads, LibraryThing, Lunch.com, BN.com or other book site or bookstore you frequent.

* Tell people your friends and family about it, especially if they enjoy the book's genre or topic. You can also direct friends and family to a link to the author's site or the book's Amazon page.

* After you buy your own copy, consider buying one or more additional copies to give as gifts or to feature on your OWN blog giveaway.

* Like their book page/s and/or author page on Facebook. 

* Check in on their page regularly, as Facebook holds Pages "hostage", requiring authors to PAY to promote each post just to be SEEN...even to those who have already liked their page. When you check in to see if they've posted anything recently, and reply to their posts, it means a lot.

* Follow them on Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ if they're on those sites. 

Do they have a deck or art for sale?

Snowland snapshot* Don't just say "Your art is pretty". Actually buy a deck or a print or a piece of merchandise featuring their original art. Talk is cheap. (Personally, I just spent $150 on Tarot decks in the last few days...80% of them self-published.)

* Like their artist or deck's Facebook page. Don't forget to check their page regularly (see above).

* Tell others about your favorite artist or deck via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn or other social networking site related to the genre.

* Buy their deck, art pieces or merchandise as gifts for friends and family--or to use for a raffle or giveaway.

* Are they on Etsy, Zazzle or other art merchandise site? Favorite their shop, like their items and review goodies you've bought from them.

* Is their deck or art on Amazon or other bookseller? Share your love by writing a review of it.

* Sign up for their Newsletter. They may very well have insider coupons included in their newsletter, helping you save money on future purchases.

Email loveDon't forget the power of a sincere email, telling your favorite blogger, author, artist or deck creator how much their work means to you. Writing and creating can be a lonely endeavor, and most artists love hearing from their readers and fans!

Do you have a blog or radio show? Consider featuring your favorite blogger, author or deck creator. Don't be shy, thinking they're too "big" to want to be on your show or be interviewed. Most are quite nice and are delighted that you're interested in their work!

Did I miss any ways we can support our favorite bloggers, authors and artists? Please feel free to share them!



Thanks, Janet. Love supporting the great ones, like you.

Janet Boyer

Awww, thanks, Shelly! I'm always happy to see your lovely face when you comment here or on Facebook/Twitter/Google+. XO

Kirsten Weiss

Great post, Janet! I had no idea you could like an Amazon author page... which is shameful since I actually have one. So what's going on with the Facebook hostage situation? I'd heard a whisper of it before but am I to understand that people who "like" pages are not getting status updates?

Janet Boyer

Thanks, Kirsten! (By the way, just snagged your Shamanic Detective for Kindle the other day. Now i just need the 2nd one!) About Facebook: say I make a post to my Snowland Deck page. I can see quite clearly by the stats that FB puts under the post that, say, only 17 people saw that post.

Now, there's over 2,800 "likers" on my page...but only 17 is seeing a post? So Facebook is NOT showing every post that I make to the Snowland Deck page to all the people who like it (and fans acknowledge they don't see it). So what must we do to get it seen? Pay $5-10 for every post! Disgusting, huh? :oP

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