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Aeclectic Tarot Forums, Censorship, World Tarot Day...Oh My!

Censorship ATSo how's this for censorship?

My friend Tina Brooks starts a thread on the Aeclectic Forum, the largest Tarot Forum on the web, about my upcoming book Tarot in Reverse.

Just a mere, "I can't wait for this! I have friends who don't read reversals, and I'm hoping this book changes their minds" kind of brief post.

About ten hours later, when a Facebook friend wanted to visit the thread, she discovered it gone.


Just like that.

If you Google you'll see part of Tina's post come up (if you click on it directly, it shows a "password" type screen...which means it was deleted).

So what do you guys think of censorship in this day and age? Now do you believe that some parts of the "online Tarot community" are seriously factured, censoring, marginalizing and/or harrassing? Or maybe you need to read this bitter, brittle, paranoid rant about me from "Den Elder" the founder of "World Tarot Day" (that I just happened to stumble upon a few hours ago) to be convinced.

You know...the the woman who couldn't keep World Tarot Day together, so she handed it over to Marcus Katz and "Tarot Professionals"?

Whacked. Just whacked.

-- Janet


Gary Ormond

I'll tell you what I see Janet, small minded, insecure, and tiny people trying to make themselves all big and powerful at the expense of others. People who have a small power base, jealously "protecting it" because they feel threatened, and the same, stupid, infantile, cliquishness that infects so much of the online world.

It is truly pathetic and I really would have thought that so-called "Spiritual people" would really and truly have known better than to behave in such ways. Sadly, people are people and nobody is perfect (least of all people who will actively victimise someone purely because they disagree with her)

Sounds to me like the Tarot "community" is nothing of the sort and needs a bomb up it to wake people up!

Janet Boyer

I WAS da bomb! LOL! ;o) Insecure and small-minded people are soon seen for what they are.

Bless your heart, Gary. We need to just focus on the greater work of our souls by sharing our unique insights and personalities, right? Onward and upward!

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