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Natural Remedies for the Common Cold

SneezeOn my personal Facebook page, I whined mentioned how I've had this awful cold for weeks. It's unusual for me to ever get sick, let alone be sick for an extended period.

I asked for remedies to help me get over this cold (in addition to healing vibes and prayers), and my Facebook friends did not disappoint! Here are some natural remedies for the common cold, brought to you by some fantatic Facebook peeps:

Ashley Drake Gephart advises: Bioron Coldcalm does wonders for me. I can't take much but zinc is good too.That and their flu stuff. I make sure I have some on hand all the time. Works wonders. (Janet says: I ordered 60 tablets on Amazon.com!)

Wendy Pillows Hixson advises: Also if you are congested, eucalyptus oil in a very hot shower. 

Michael Denholm advises: Zinc and Vitamin D3 can help too. I've been shoving them, along with 1000MG Vit C, Omega 3 and a B Complex down my throat for almost a week now. My colds are usually long lasting and pretty heavy. It's not been so bad this year.  (Janet says: Ron is getting me Cs and Zinc after work today!)

Miri Milne advises: Find a local beekeeper and buy some fresh local honey. Teaspoon of it a day, with lemon if you must. (Janet says: I had heard that local honey helps build immunity, but discovered this artricle on WebMD debunking such claims.)

Alan John Wilkinson advises: I would've suggested some books. Seems you've got that angle covered. ;-) (Janet says: Ha! I've been reading lots, but no books on nutrition or health. Some recently finished goodies include Let the Devil Sleep and Roast Mortem. Almost done with another fab book, Practical Jean!

Echinacea teaMary Muse Wilson advises: I do Celestial Seasoning's Echinacea Complete Care tea, and make hot lemons with real lemon juice for extra Vit C. (Janet says: Will call my husband after work to make sure he picks me up some from the store!)

Exploding Mary advises: Steam your face with a cinnamon stick thrown into the water. The steam clears and drains your sinuses, not to mention your pores, while the cinnamon's antibacterial properties help coat and protect the sinus cavity against germs. (Janet says: Will ask Ron if he can find some at the store!)

Michelle Bowser advises: Have you ever tried using a Neti pot? I have allergies but am allergic to allergy medicine. Yeah, it's hilarious. Anyway, I use the Neti pot for congestion and so does my husband. (Janet says: Can't do Neti pots. I have a deviated septum and last time I tried it, my ears felt wonky. I think I did some permanent damage!)

What about you, dear Reader? Have you found surefire ways to beat (or at least ameliorate) the common cold? Feel free to leave a comment to share your tips and tricks!

-- Janet


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