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Snowland Deck Pre-Order Special - Metal Bookmarks and Leather Bracelets!

7 of Cups 250
7 of Cups (7 Emoting) Card from the Snowland Deck

As we enter holiday time (gosh, is Thanksgiving really just two weeks away?!), all things Snowland become even more special here at Chez Boyer. We love the winter holidays, so the images Ron paints and the words I craft seem to contain an extra sparkly vibe this time of year.

Ron's recently completed the 7 of Cups (7 Emoting) card and is now hard at work painting the 8 of Cups (8 Emoting) based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen (The Snowman, our Knight of Cups aka Quester Emoting card). 

If you follow us on Facebook, you know how much I love giving gifts to our followers and doing free drive-by Tarot readings. In fact, Stephania Ebony just won a $25 Etsy Gift Card (congrats, Stephania!). 

I'm working on a free Snowland Deck reading program with my friend Ashley Drake Gephart, so that should be available soon here and on I'll just keep adding the newest cards as Ron finishes them (only 10 more to go, plus 4 special significator cards!)

But you're wanting to know about Snowland metal bookmarks and leather bracelets, am I right?


Bookmark and Leather Bracelet
So here's the dealie: if you pre-order our full Snowland Deck (first edition print run limited to 100, signed and numbered) before December 1, 2012--any level, Silver, Gold or Platinum--you get a free metal bookmark with your choice of Snowland image imbeded in the dangly charm on the end (retail $19.99). 

If you pre-order at the Gold or Platinum level, you not only get a metal bookmark with your choice of Snowland image in the charm but also a leather bracelet with your choice of Snowland image, too (retail $22.99).  

How cool is that? Just let me know in your PayPal note what image you'd like on your bookmark and bracelet. If you forget, no worries: you can just email me!

Below are just a few mock-ups I've made. There's some more in our Facebook album at this link (scroll to the bottom). For the bracelet, the charm measures 11/16" in total diameter and the band measures 9 in x 3/8" but has adjustable fit of 7"-8". 

2 of Cups Bracelet
3 of Wands Bracelet
4 Wands Bookmark
9 of Coins Bookmark
Balto Bookmark
Moon Bookmark
Ace of Cups Bookmark
Carousel Bookmark
3 Swords Bookmark
Jesus Bookmark
Teaching Bookmark
Calling Bookmark

Please note: these are special order, limted edition items. I will not be making any more in the future. These metal bookmarks and leather bracelets are only available as special gifts when you order our full Snowland Deck before December 1, 2012. 

By the way: we still have a few of the very limited print run Life Themes Edition (Majors Only) version of our Snowland Deck (only 32, signed/numbered). It has a special snowflake backing that will not be the same as the full deck version. Once it's sold out, that's it. You can find out more about our Life Themes Edition deck at this link.

See ya in Snowland!

-- Janet


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