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7 of Wands + Emperor (Tarot Card Combos)

I love the #TarotToo card combination challenges mzzlee posts on Twitter. They're a great exercise in combining the energy of two cards and forcing you to sum up the pair in only 140 characters (Twitter's post limit).

I often get requests to do posts (or teach) on Tarot card combos, so I'm happy to expand upon what Daughn Lee does via Twitter--sometimes, even including my #TarotToo reply on the combo--but then elaborate on each pairing.

One recent challenge was the 7 of Wands + The Emperor:

7 of Wands 400 Emp 400

When considering this combo, the first thing that popped into my head was "Wait until your father comes home!". This is because the figure in the 7 of Wands reminded me of a beleaguered parent trying to deal with the demands and shenanigans of multiple kids. The Emperor often indicates the Father archetype. In the Universal Waite version (pictured above) he's not only looking at the action, he's got a no-nonsense look on his face!

Another scenario that I thought of was an overwhelmed substitute teacher getting "rescued" by the school principal. I don't know about you, but when I was in Junior and Senior High, substitute teachers often received quite a bit of razzing at the hands of students. I could just see a class getting out of hand as a clueless teacher tries to figure out what to do with their spit-balling young selves. Ah...but the principal happens to walk by, hearing the cacophony emanating from the school room. Relief, at last, for the substitute teacher!

Further pondering the 7 of Wands + The Emperor, two other scenarios came to mind:

  • A bullied adolescent gets a reprieve from the presence of a teacher.
  • As hostile individuals advance, a commanding officer arrives on scene to advise soldiers. This doesn't appear to be a war situation, granted, so the advancing individuals may very well be irritated civilians wondering why soldiers are in their land. 

Commander Cropped 300
The Commander from The Snowland Tarot

If the individuals were dangerous and armed, the commanding officer would likely recommend one of two scenarios--each that could be summed up by a Tarot card. 

 If the commander advises to advance, that would be the next card...the 8 of Wands (the "full speed ahead" card as I like to call it). And if he calls for a retreat? The 8 of Wands reversed. Why? Because it is the swift "pull back" or withdrawal of energy. 

So what happens if the two cards were switched? What happens if the Emperor card comes before the 7 of Wands?


Emperor + 7 of Wands


Emp 400 7 of Wands 400

Now, we have the authority figure preceding a situation--not coming in "after the fact". How would you interpret these two cards in this order? Here are some scenarios that come to mind for me:

  • Policeman dispatched for crowd control
  • Military called to deal with civilian uprising
  • Martial Law
  • Union relieves stressed workers by unionizing workplace (this would further evidenced if the 8 of Coins--the "workplace" card-- was the third card)
  • Therapist confronts multiple-personality disorder in a patient

I'd love to hear your insights on the Emperor and 7 of Wands combination, so please feel free to leave a comment! And if you have any questions for me, don't hesitate to ask.

Emperor and 7 of Wands images from the Universal Waite Tarot published by U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

-- Janet


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