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Call 111! - New eBook Series by Janet Boyer

A few months ago, I envisioned an eBook series that would feature quotes or facts about a particular topic.

I got the idea as I was looking through my 100+ writing craft books, noting the passages that were highlighted.

Then, I began considering how I love coming across great quotes--often sharing them on Twitter or Facebook. And, of course, I've been a life-long trivia buff...

With Kindle, you can easily highlight quotes from eBooks and share them with your friends or followers, posting a passage right to Twitter or Facebook.

The rest is, as they say, history. Well, at least, it's history in the making!

I have dozens of topics mapped out for my new Call 111! series, but the first three will be 111 Facts About Christmas (almost done!), 111 Quotes for Writers (halfway done!) and 111 Quotes for Tarot Lovers (30% done!):

Books on Shelf

Each of these eBooks are meticulously researched from source material. Hey, I have to use my huge personal library for something, right? What this means is that I'm not getting quotes from Bartletts, Bartleby or Oxford. 

No, I'm going through all my books--reading up a storm--and culling the very best quotes related to a topic. Most of these won't be one-liners, either. We're talking a decent portion you can really chew on (and which still falls under copyright's "fair use" laws). 

With the 111 Facts About Christmas book, I'm doing extensive research into all aspects of Christmas using my personal library and direct sources--symbolism, movies, songs, statistics, myth and more. And how cool is this? All Call 111! eBooks will be priced at only $1.11!

Call 411

Have a particular topic or focus you'd like to see covered in my Call 111! eBook series? By all means leave your suggestions in the comments section! I'd love to hear what you would like to read. 

For now, here are some topics I have on my list:

111 Quotes for:

Coffee Lovers
Book Lovers
Astrology Lovers
Nature Lovers
Cat Lovers
Dog Lovers
Finding Your Purpose
Living Your Passion
Banishing Your Fears
Jesus Freaks
Fiction Writers
Loss and Grief
Getting Back Your Mojo
Conscious Living
Dealing with Idiots

-- Janet


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