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Commonly Confused Words

Just in the last week, I've come across these seven word groups used incorrectly.

It drives me nuts! 

Four of them were used by Tarot "professionals".

C'mon, guys. The world already thinks we're nuts. Let's not have them think us illiterate and stupid, too, m'kay?

Here are some commonly confused words, all cleared up for you.

Pouring vs. Poring


Unless you plan on pouring coffee or some other drink over your client's "business plan" (which I don't recommend), you will, instead, be poring over their business plan.

Pouring - To send liquid or loose particles falling or flowing. The waitress poured me another glass of sweet tea.

Poring - To read or study with earnest attention. I'm poring over my checkbook, looking for mistakes.

Peek vs. Peak vs. Pique

This week, I received a Tarot magazine from Down Under that promised a "sneak peak". Well, unless you're going to unveil a secret mountain top, you mean "sneak peek". 

Peek: To sneak a look. Imagine the two "e"s are eyes looking at you. The boy peeked in the closet, looking for his Christmas presents.

Peak: Top of the mountain or the highest point. My energy peaks around 10 PM.

Pique: To excite, arouse or sharply irritate. When her husband promised a surprise, Linda's curiosity was piqued.

A lovely friend of mine referred to our Snowland Deck's Life Themes Edition as "Life Themes Addition". No, no, no, no, no.

Edition vs. Addition

Edition: A version of something. You can purchase our Snowland Deck Life Themes Edition here.

Addition: The process or act of adding. 2 + 2 isn't 5. You need to check your addition.

Raise vs. Raze

Raised: To lift up or elevate. The partygoers raised  their glass in a toast.

Razed: To tear down or demolish. Because of the fire, I'm not sure if the entire home will need to be razed.

Threw vs. Through

Threw: Past tense of "throw". The quarterback threw the football.

Through: To go in one end and out the other. Robert Frost famously said "The only way out is through."

Roll vs. Role

Roll: To turn over and over (verb). Or, a piece of baked dough (noun). You gotta roll with the punches

Role: A part that is played. Joan of Arc was her role model.

This last example is courtesy my adorable husband. Yeah, he rocks. Seriously. Even when he mixes up big words.

Permutation vs. Permeation

Permutation: To alter, transform, change or rearrange. Mash-ups are permutations.

Permeation: To penetrate or saturate. Grammar faux pas and rife misspellings permeate Tarot blogs and publications.

Don't mix these words up again. You are without excuse.

-- Janet


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