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Snowland Tarot Card Combo - Commitment and Chains

In the Snowland Tarot, we've changed the title of the Lovers card to Commitment and The Devil to Chains.

Lovers 300 Chains 300

Below is a card study comparing and contrasting these two cards, which happen to be a Tarot Birth Card Pair, as well. 

Commitment and Chains

Keywords for Commitment: Contract; Commitment; Marriage; Promises; Devotion; Dedication; Resolution; Pledge; Proposal

Keywords for Chains: Confinement; Enslavement; Trapped; Misplaced Values; Oppression; Consumerism; One-Sided; Co-Dependent; Neglect; Held Back; Habits; Addition; Confronting “Demons”; Materialism

Tarot Combo Exercise for Commitment and Chains

If Commitment and Chains told a story, what would it be? How would the story be different if Chains came before Commitment?

How does a ring, and the word commitment, connect to the traditional meaning and implication of The Lovers?

How does enchained barnyard animals (and the slain devil) relate to the traditional meaning and implication of The Devil?

Commitment and Chains Spread

Shuffle the deck of your choice. Choose at random one or more cards for each of the seven positions in the spread below.

Commitment and Chains Spread without banner

To find out more about the Snowland Tarot, visit SnowlandDeck.com.

-- Janet


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