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10 Ways to Screw Up a Writing Blog

10 ballYou won't believe this, but I just whipped up this post in less than 10 minutes. What's really sad is the inspiration: SIX of these were on a writing blog I just visited. Especially sad because I enjoyed her last post!

Without further ado...10 Ways to Screw Up a Writing Blog:

  1. Never make post. Or, only post once a month.
  2. Make sure your Twitter button that says “Follow Me!” leads to someone else. Anyone else…but you.
  3. Have outdated blogs on your Blogroll. You know, ones that last posted in 2011 or earlier.
  4. Make sure your Google Friend Widget is on your blog. It doesn’t matter that it’s been discontinued and leads to a 404.
  5. Fill your blog with ads, widgets, badges and “awards”.
  6. Hide your past posts. You don’t want anyone to find what you’ve written.
  7. Don’t have a Categories section.
  8. Don’t include code or widgets to help visitors share your content on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.
  9. Don’t have your contact information listed anywhere.
  10. Don’t provide a way for visitors to subscribe to your blog. 

-- Janet


Elle Carter Neal

Oops. I think I have two or three of those. I'll have to go and check now!

Janet Boyer

Teehee! I've been visiting writing blogs all night and can you BELIEVE just about every one still has their Google Friend Connect Widget on there? I'm talking about a dozen blogs! O_o

Thanks for stopping by, Elle!

Not everyone's a) clued in or b) aware or c) serious about this. Be glad your brain connects to your spine. ;-)

Janet Boyer

Teehee! ;o)

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