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Snowland Deck Update

My husband, Ron, just finished painting Tomten last night--the 76th card in our Snowland Deck. Only two more to go before he reaches 78, the number of cards in a standard Tarot deck. 

Snowland Snap

Then, we're adding four special "significator" cards--a psychological system I came up with to locate how you (or someone else) may be feeling or thinking. I call it a Soul GPS system. In addition, Ron's painting a special backing, which will be different from our limited Life Themes Edition Snowland Deck.

Not only will our Snowland Deck be a working oracle deck, but it can be used for creative writing, storytelling, inspiration and meditation. In addition to connecting you with your innate intuition, the cards can be used by parents to faciliate communication with children, by kids to help them understand what they're feeling, by therapists seeking to illuminate client issues and much more. 

You can see all completed images of the deck at and find out more information on how to use the cards, as well as pre-order the deck (which include a special custom-made, hand-sewn bag--3 wintry themes to choose from--to store your cards). Click here to see the three different Snowland bags.

PreorderIf you pre-order by January 31, 2013, you not only get the special "Noah's card" that our son designed, but also one of the following: 30 minute Tarot reading with me by phone, Snowland ornament (your choice of image and size), Snowland bracelet (click here for choices) or a pendulum (clear quartz, blue onyx or sodalite). We're 98% sure our deck will ship out in time for Valentine's Day. Hooray!

Below is a video I made featuring many of the cards in our Snowland Deck. Enjoy!


P.S. The Snowland Deck is also on Facebook! Click here to visit our page, "like" us and see all the images in larger format.

-- Janet


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