Spotlight on Cozy Mysteries - The Embroidery Mystery Series by Amanda Lee
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Spotlight on Cozy Mysteries - The Cake Decorating Series by Gayle Trent

Next to Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse Mysteries, my absolute favorite cozy books are Gayle Trent's Cake Decorating Series.

Cake Series

Heroine Daphne Martin, a 30-something divorcee who's opened up a cake decorating business in her house, is joined by her neighbor, Myra, in madcap adventures and deadly scenarios. This series is so funny, so clever, that I've often laughed out loud at the antics! Better yet, author Gayle Trent bakes up some darn delicious plots in the process.

The books in the Daphne Martin Cake Decorating Mysteries include:

Book 1: Dead Pan

Book 2: Murder Takes the Cake

Book 3: Killer Sweet Tooth

Book 4: Battered to Death (release date to be announced)

Gayle is also the author of the Marcy Singer Embroidery Shop Mysteries, using the penname Amanda Lee.

You can find out all about Gayle and her books at

-- Janet


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